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  • Guangzhou Olans Water Treatment Equipments Co. Ltd is a water treatment company which contains research and development, OEM and sales. Its is one of the water purifying product companies that having the newest domestic product styles and the best product quality. Our company will dedicate ourselves to improving the core technology and going the own brand way for meeting the healthy living target of the national green environmental protection with low-carbon. Our company has the developed manufacturing devices and the excellent top studying and developing team. We are dedicating ourselves to developing and manufacturing the series products such as the home-used hanging-on-the-wall style high energy activation water purifier, the home-used standing style high energy activation water purifier, the RO(reverse osmosis)water purifier, the soft water purifier, the central water purifier, the piping direct drinking machine, the multi-function stainless direct drinking machine, the large industrial use membrane separating technology.
  • Our company has achieved the ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification, the Chinese National Mandatory Product 3C Certification and the National Drinking Water Product Health Safety Certification by the Ministry of Public Health of China. Up to now our company has applied for some patents, and the new products have filled the blank in the domestic and the foreign water treatment equipment industry, and have set a precedent in the industry. Olans will have a foothold on the water treatment industry, and find more and wider corporation business chances.And also we will plan to enter the foreign markets gradually and be well known as a famous international brand in the water treatment industry.
  • Quality is the company life! Service is the company soul! We keep the management philosophy of “credit is heaviest, service is highest, customers are tallest” and the service philosophy of “sincerely collaborate with customers and create value continuously” and the management tenet of “serve honestly, exchange fairly, manage abiding the law, develop steadily”. We keep building up the dedication spirit value and the harmony and win-win management philosophy in order to improve the market competitiveness and build up the new water drinking concept of environmental protection, science and technology, health and safety. Guangzhou Olans Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd will concentrate our attention on the deep development of the water purifying and treatment industry, and make a contribution for prosperity and development of human water drinking engineering!


广州澳兰斯水处理科技有限公司 是以研发、OEM代加工生产、销售为一体的水处理公司,是目前国内产品款式最新,品质最佳的净水产品生产厂家之一。为倡导国家绿色低碳环保健康生活目标,公司将致力于在水处理领域进一步提升核心技术力量,走自主品牌之路。 公司拥有业内领先的生产设备、技术精湛的中高级研发骨干团队。公司致力于家用壁挂式高能量活化净水机、家用立式高能量活化水机、RO(逆渗透)纯水机、软水机、中央净水器、管线直饮水机、多功能不锈钢直饮机、大型工业用膜分离技术等系列产品的研发、生产。
企业通过了ISO9001:2008国际质量体系认证、中国国家强制性产品3C认证证书、中华人民共和国卫生部国产涉及饮用水卫生安全产品卫生许可批件等证书。目前公司已申请专利,研发出的新产品填补了国内外水处理设备行业的空白,并且开创了国内外水处理行业的先河。 澳兰斯将立足水处理行业,寻找更多、更广的合作商机。并将计划逐步向海外市场进军,力争在水处理行业成为国际知名品牌。
质量是企业的生命!服务是企业的灵魂! 公司秉承“信誉至重,服务至上,客户至高”的经营理念,与客户真诚合作,持续创造价值的服务理念,在市场运作上以“诚信服务,公平交易,守法经营,稳健发展”为经营宗旨。为提升在水处理行业市场竞争力,打造环保、科技、健康、安全的饮用水新观念,公司坚持树立企业奉献精神的价值观、和谐共赢的经营理念。广州澳兰斯水处理设备有限公司,将专注在净水水处理行业的深远发展,共同为人类饮水事业的繁荣与发展作出更大贡献!