Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd

A professional chinese air purifier,water purifier and hydrogen water machine manufacturer

Add: Floor 5, Building C5, Gaosha Industry District, Zhongcun, Panyu District, Guangzhou,China ( beside National Road 105 )


We are Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is an expert’s air purifier as well as hydrogen water machine manufacturers from the China.   In fact, we are one of the leading high-tech healthy as well as surrounding friendly factors for purifiers. We have more than 10 years of experience along with a combined research as well as enlargement program.

Our major activities consist of injection, development, research, assembling and much more. We are an original source of high-quality solutions for the water purifiers, air purifiers, hydrogen water makers, and some other health care related products.   We are one of top five biggest China’s OEM purification products factories. Besides, we sell our products about twenty countries as well as key markets and also yearly turnover s about $100m.


What We Encompass

We have latest advanced production plant as well as foremost edge devices overseen by an all-inclusive quality control as well as a management system.  We also make use of our individual’s in-house R and D professional team, have about 15 highly experienced engineers R and D design expert’s team as well as manufacturing specialized teams.  We also have a self-governing injection molding workshop.

On the other side, we have largest levels of ongoing high quality and also product great outcomes. We have attained CB, UL, CQC and several numbers of International certifications. We manufacture the best hydrogen water machine which sells under the great price. We have a stable and powerful research as well as expansion program, quality management, production abilities which altogether make sure that we can remain ahead of the competition by means of quality as well as latest new technology.


Our Services

We prolong to create latest new production approaches as well as assured superior quality. We are also capable to fulfil our valuable consumer unique demands and also standards for the health as well as products. We also endeavour to fulfil entire nation particular packaging needs as well as comply along with international standards. We also ship and deliver to entire countries and also can meet nation particular requirements.

We are capable to provide high-quality customer requirements and also requests as well as we can produce custom solutions to give the high suitable purifier for our unique customer as per their needs. Our best hydrogen water machine comes under your budget price and you need not have to bother.