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Americans to boycott bottled water, bottled water, Americans think unhealthy, easy to secondary pollution, bottled water is easier to secondary pollution, breeding of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, therefore, firmly resist the Americans bottled water and bottled water, The family of water purification equipment, water supply by more acceptable.
At home, often heard people say tap water is very clean and the United States, can safely drink in the United States, a lot of people are very worried about the safety of tap water. Thus, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Natural Resources Defense Council, and some health organizations have given some water safety guidelines.
However, organizations are not respected major U.S. bottled water, drinking water, on the contrary, they are the stand to launch a campaign "against bottled water movement." "A lot of people think that bottled water than tap water safety and health, it is not true" American Environmental Association, said an official of the U.S. market 45 percent of the bottled water source 并非 as advertised, Lai Huo Zhe pure natural spring water, in fact yes Jinghua After the water or simply that the city tap water. They had the best on the U.S. top 10 brands of bottled water tested, and found more than 200 kinds of pollutants, including bacteria, fertilizer ingredients, industrial chemicals, etc., have lost the meaning of pure water. In addition, a large number of plastic bottles have a great impact on the environment, recycling less than 15% of plastic bottles, so advocates of environmental protection and conservation of the people to join the "resistance to bottles of water movement."
American Association of drinking water safety knowledge and also to the people about water, for example, boil the water that our domestic security, to the United States after that, boil the water only destroy microorganisms, if the water has nitrate and lead, but will water boil increase the concentration of nitrate and lead, more harm than good. In addition, the water before the first water distribution, erosion channels, remove the lead pipe produced a number of harmful substances.
"In fact, safe to drink tap water better than bottled water." University of California, Davis, energy experts say, the U.S. television programs often have water quality tests, participants were blindfolded and identify water quality, the result is often tap water wins.
Big city tap water at least a month to accept the 100 level in the test bacteria, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration only requires the production of bottled water tested once a week. Which security is obvious.