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The existing sewage treatment can be divided into physical, chemical and biological methods.

Physical methods include sedimentation, filtration, adsorption, extraction, etc., without

changing the chemical form of pollutants. It is the primary choice mainly used to remove large particles of insoluble pollutants in water, with simple equipment, low cost, maturity process.

Chemical methods are coagulation & sedimentation and chemical oxidation with changing the present form of the pollutants. It mainly used to remove small particles dissolved in water by electrical changes and cross-linking bridge, making them to be separated large particles. This method is used extensively for wastewater pretreatment and advanced treatment.

Biological wastewater treatment method is to use the original form of nature, using microbial metabolism to achieve the purpose of water purification. Three types of oxygen in the environment of aerobic microbial metabolism: aerobic, anaerobic 
and oxygen. Therefore, the treatment of Anaerobic and Aerobic Technology come out. Biological method is mainly used for secondary treatment of sewage or advanced treatment, is the main form of sewage treatment.

Most of the existing wastewater treatment technology is a combination of these three methods to achieve the wastewater treatment or recycling purposes.

Two main criteria for an advanced technology: first, whether it is able to effectively deal with the inherent sewage; second is to considering with the same characteristics, construction investment and operation costs for the same amount of water waste. As these two aspects, biological wastewater treatment technologies are focused on following areas:

The development of new high efficient bacteria  Cultivating bacteria and microbe to extreme environment

The immobilization of Efficient enzyme, especially the Enzyme Complex   Take Aerobic, facultative, anaerobic as one device for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus Processing device with miniaturization and high efficiency removal of High concentrations of cod and ammonia nitrogen Sealed operations to reduce odor and flies and so on