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1 Scope
This document provides bottled pure water with technical requirements, testing methods, inspection and marks, packaging, transportation, storage requirements, and conforms to the product definition in Chapter 3.
2 Standards for drinking water
   The following documents constitute a part of this standard as described herein.All are in valid during the publication. If revised, please refer to the latest version.
pictorial markings for handling of packages
GB 5749-85  Hygienic Standard of Living Water
GB 5750-85  Test Method for Hygienic Standard of Living Water
GB 6682-92  Analysis and Test Method for laboratory water specifications
GB 7718-94   General Standard for the Labelling of Foods  
GB/T 8538 1995  testing methods for Potable Natural Mineral Water
GB 10789-1996  Classification of soft drinks
GB 10790-89 inspection, marks, packaging, transportation, storage of Soft drinks
GB 17324-1998  Bottled Pure Water Hygiene
3 定义  Definition
  This standard the adoption definitions are as follows:
3.1 Bottled purified water
  Its water resources are in accordance with drinking standard.
Methods: distillation, deionization method or ion exchange, reverse osmosis and other appropriate methods.
Sealed in containers without any additives, it can be direct drinking.
4  Technical requirements
4.Standards of water resources must be in accordance with GB 5749.