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On October 1, the new mandatory national standard, " Potable Natural Mineral Water" (GB 8537-2008) was formally implemented, in which "Bromate" ,potentially carcinogenic substances, is strictly limited.
But when the reporter visited some supermarkets in Hangzhou and found that the mineral water packaging still no be changed and the mineral water with new national standard is no on sale. The public IS entirely ignorant about "Bromate".
Difficult to find a mineral water with new national standard in Supermarket
"Mineral water is still the same bathes before Oct. 1st without any change. " Reporter recently visited several supermarkets in Hangzhou and got the above answer from water promoters. the mineral water with new national standard is no on sale.
The mineral water in the shelves of Hangzhou Auchan supermarket is produced in Aug. or Sep., including Wahaha purified water, Master Kong mineral water and other brands. "
There is no mineral water produced after October 1, so the next batch will use the new standard."  One promoter said.
There are more than 10 kinds of bottled water stocked in the drinking water counter of Wumart supermarkets in Wenyi road, Hangzhou: purified water, mineral water, spring water, ... ... name of the variety, of which there are five brands of mineral water, the price is from 1 yuan to 10 per bottle. Reporter omnivorously picked up a bottle of spring water, the label was marked out the content of minerals and PH value, but not bromate done. It is unable to see whether it is the implementation of the new standard or the old one. In response, promoter explained that they did nit receive the notice from supplier as the National Day holidays."If the state put forward a new standard of mineral water, the supermarket would require manufacturers to provide the corresponding test report."
The public IS entirely ignorant about "Bromate"
Bromate, most people are completely ignorant of this potential carcinogen. "Mineral water containing this substance, and what role does it play role in?" When asking the standard of "Bromate", the public may say "do not know."
"I will only pay attention to the production date and less likely to care about other content.”,Mr. Wang, who just bought a case of mineral water in Huanglong Trust-Mart supermarket, told reporters that he had thought that the mineral water is healthy, and quite surprised with carcinogenic substances contained in water.
During the interview, reporters found that the general public knew little about the analyzes of contained mineral and primarily bought the brands water.
Industry experts demystify hidden rules
"Domestic production of mineral water will be widely used ozone for sterilization, which produced a derivative called bromate." An expert from Zhejiang Food Industry Association said.
According to what experts said, the domestic mineral water companies once used chlorine for sterilization so basically there is no Bromate problem. Of course, the chlorine itself has many problems and brought a lot of side-effects, so the industry turned to the ozone for sterilization in recent years
As the very strict requirements on the total number of colonies in national standard, it inevitably produced a derivative of bromate in the process of ozone usage. And bromate is a potential carcinogen by the International Cancer 2b-class research institutions.
It is informed that our AQSIQ had organized a special supervision of bromate content in bottled water, and it is found that the bromate content in 13 products of 104 bottles is higher than thi limit of Hygienic Standard of Living Water. To ensure the public health, it is reasonable to amend the " Potable Natural Mineral Water ".
Manufacturers will adjust the products as soon as possible
Under the new revised national standards “Potable Natural Mineral Water ", the new limit content of bromate is 0.01mg / L. label should show the name of water source, the limits of compliance indicators, total dissolved solids and the content range of major cat ions (potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium). When the content of fluoride content is larger than 1.0mg / L "fluoride" should be marked on. No one can claim to have medical effects unless authorized by the state.
In this regard, officer from Hangzhou Wahaha Group Sales Department said, Wahaha Group add new tags the new mineral water as soon as possible. "But it will take some time, because we need to purchase new equipment, and do the associated test."
The mineral water with new national standard of market will rise in prices? Hangzhou another mineral water producer told reporters that the current production capacity is relatively larger than the sales ability, and he estimated the rising prices is unlikely.
As for the mineral water with old GB is still selling, the charge person of Hangzhou Food Industry Association told reporters that each standard has a certain stage, so mineral water under the old standard production should also be allowed to in the market., as long as in warranty period, But consumers should pay more attention to the label and choose the mineral water with a new national standard.