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Recently, “immeasurable mineral spring of small molecules water", which charged 28yuan for each bottle is purely speculation disclosed by CCTV for its cost is only 2yuan. Therefore the high price marked with health, nature and care is the real high-quality water? Chen Chen, chief researcher of Investment consultant in the food industry believes that it is a consumer misconception of high-price drinking water is high-quality.
 In recent years, with the development of high-end drinking water, more and more brands and companies began to enter the high-end water market. And high-end corresponds to "high price".
Compared to the ordinary mineral water, the price of high-end water price is several times more than ordinary one and even a few times. Driven by the net profits, companies take the drinking water with high price as tap into the goal.
 Marked with high-end signs, the prices of these brands will naturally rising. For example, "immeasurable hidden spring"sells at 2 yuan a bottle and the price of an alkaline calcium water also reached 19.8 yuan. What makes the price of drinking water so high? First is publicity and second is "superstition” to the high-price water.
Chen Chen, chief researcher of Investment adviser in the food industry, pointed out that the called high-end water is due to the high price and the beneficial to huamn health, such as mineral water contained the useful substances. As consumers do not well-know the high-end water, so the companies boast a variety of wonderful functions to improve product prices when promotion; while consumers often mistake that high-price-end water is high water and pays the bill.
 In fact, it is a wrong idea that the high-price water is the high-end water.The magic functions of high-price drinking water are the gimmick for high price.As the real high-end water, the cost is higher than ordinary drinking water, but not so high as several times and it often fails to cure disease.
 At present, the high cost of high-end water mostly concentrated in two areas: transportation and promotion. For example, Evian is imported from France and domestic high-end water is in remote areas, while consumer groups are in the developed coastal areas, which led to increased transportation costs.
"2009-2012 China drinking water market Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" from Investment consultant in industrial research center pointed that the eyes of the world have been  high-end water us as it is profitable. High-end water market is sharp competition as so many brands: domestic brands: Kunlun Mountains, 5100 glacier, nine thousand year, Jintian hundred mountain, Sunray Cave Maifan stone and other brands; Import Brands: Evian, Paris water, etc.