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General Description  
 It is to illustrate the general appearance of water. With "visible object" to roughly describe the perceptible characteristics)
Visible objects in water include a variety of impurities: The user would not be satisfied with this kind of tap water: the common visible objects are: suspended solids, floating objects, sediment, microorganisms and the larval, etc. Water color and turbidity will increase the effect of visible objects:
 The produced water is generally clear and transparent if well controlling the turbidity. But if the filtration process is not imperfect with algae impurities and sand residue or long-term no cleaning-up the tank with sludge residue and microbial breeding, that will produce the visible objects.
 Visible matters in water pipe are more common: Visible objects come from the corrosion and loss of pipe wall, breeding microbial, rust pipe or dropping biofilm. With changed PH value and temperature, water with high hardness of water may cause precipitation of scaling salts: Corrosion of metal pipes may cause red or black sediment. with high color:
 Bloodworms (Chironomidae) are very common microorganism in south tap water. In most cases midges’ breeding is caused by the secondary tank pollution, and it could also by defective water purification process:
 Folder water in pressure gas pipelines, sometimes water will release a large number of air bubbles to form "milk water," but this case is innocuous  and the water will return to be clear after air bubbles release:
Visible matters are not necessarily linked to the damage of water quality and do not directly affect human health. However, it is a warning for pollutants in water. We must identify the source of visible matters before the water usage.
Visible objects testing need to select representative water samples. They should be placed in colorless glass bottles and careful observed by sufficient light. Testing of visible objects in natural water and floating debris in polluted water should be done on-site. Visible objects testing has a certain degree of subjectivity.
Visible objects indicate the possibility of serious water pollution. Must first ascertain the cause, and eliminate water quality impacts before usage. Requirements of Indicators in the world are consistent that is, no visible objects in water, which will seriously affect the sensory characteristics.