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a survey showed that 35% of Chinese in medium and large urban daily drink water by water purifier. "I thought it easy to choose a drinking fountain, but I felt very confused when I saw so many water machines with different price and filters in supermarket.
So how to choose a suitable drinking water devices?

There are several drinking fountains in market. it is not difficult to get the suitable one combined with your needs.

Barreled Drinking Fountains: If you think the barreled water is more reliable, then the problem is relatively simple, you just need to buy the base. This machine is generally simple and the prices are not expensive, usually having heated function and some can also be cooling. When purchasing, pay attention to the sanitation, prevent secondary pollution.
Direct drinking machine: In recent years, water way gets a new trend, changing "buy water" to "make water". These drinking fountains have a variety of bucket filter, some very cartoon and just take what you like. The key is to select the filter, which relates to water quality and directly affect your health.
Water purifier: This device can be directly installed in the faucet of tap water, It can more effectively filter bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, organic compounds, minerals, different color and smell, through multiple filters,