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Flowers, green trees, clean clear water, clean environment, fresh air. October 24, officially opened in Shaoshan City Wastewater Treatment Plant is like a beautiful garden general. The more than 2 months ahead of schedule for completion of the buried sewage treatment plant, in the time of completion of the project through the environmental acceptance. Buried this project compliance with environmental requirements while the project (Hunan province) is still first.
Shao River adjacent to the sewage treatment plant in Shaoshan City, initial investment of 58 million yuan, designed daily treatment capacity of 10,000 tons. The project, started last May. To the sewage treatment plant into a symbol of energy saving projects and the province, "the five demonstration projects" as a model project in Shaoshan City, used in sewage treatment baffled submerged biofilm process. This novel purification of urban sewage treatment system can enhance the stability of the equipment work, improve equipment handling capacity, reduce the processing cycle, significant energy savings, reduce operating costs. Meanwhile, buried the whole of the main building works on the ground floor, not a separate occupation of land, surface completely green, not seen the formation of a sewage treatment plant effluent saw clean green "spectacle."
October 23, the project review the formal acceptance by the Expert Group. Shaoshan sewage treatment plant into operation, not only the scenic area of Shaoshan, the new city will be fully effective sewage treatment, and industrial parks and business areas such as wishful town sewage problems will be effectively addressed.