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Friends who know Qingdao has Diversion say, is what most of us drink the Yellow River water, in the end health?
Today, serious water pollution in the Yellow River
Serious water pollution in industrial and agricultural development
The importance of water on the human body and the dangers of contaminated
Therefore, the family clean water, clean water is urgent! ! What is a water purifier? People are used to purify water of all the products can have as a water purifier.
Why water purification equipment can improve water quality?
This is from the water purification devices have a way of speaking. The overall purification methods are filtration, softening, purification of three categories.
Filter: Filter function is the most common water purification methods, generally using sand filtration, activated carbon, ceramic, ultrafiltration, etc., according to the filter material used in different filtering effects are also different. Comparison of the ideal water purification equipment, water filters are mostly a combination of several multi-level filter, because there are two such water purification filter and a set of fine coarse filter and fine filter and more use of hollow fiber filter core, filtered drinking water directly. But to note are: how much water into the water purifier is, how much water came out, everything was dirty filter attached to the filter on a long time, no time to replace the filter, but on water pollution. 
Softening: Softening of the water quality of basic and are based on ion exchange technology, with the sodium cation exchange of calcium and magnesium ions in water (water scale component form), complete descaling. The automation of such machines the reliability of the decision of the softened water. The water softeners are more advanced microcomputer automatic control, ensure compliance of softened water output at any time; and some degree of automation, low water softeners, soft water is so difficult to guarantee compliance. If you want qualified soft water, an overall improvement in household water use, consider the installation of automatic water softeners.
Purification: charcoal filter with the world's leading technology, natural diatom fossils, high-energy chemical and biological ceramics, special rare-earth materials at high temperature fusion of state, set purification, mineralization, activation, ion of functions in one, the ability to quickly change into ordinary alkaline water, antioxidant, small molecules, high oxygen content, rich in minerals and trace elements of health good water. 
Purchase water purification equipment should be carried out according to the different water quality. Such as high hardness water in northern China, southern limestone area in water calcium and magnesium content is high, easy to scale, ion exchange resins should be optional with the advanced filter water purifier filter; when the tap water of chlorine, organic content, the color, smell heavy carbon can be used more household water purifier; water quality, more turbid water in the purification, should choose a coarse filter, fine filter dual function of water purifier; water pollution is serious, called for a thorough pathogenic microorganisms in water filter, different color odor, pesticides, heavy metals and other impurities, and should buy water purifier reverse osmosis membrane.