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1, natural water contains impurities which: 
A, suspended material: particle diameter of more than about 10-4MM particles, visible, these particles is mainly silt, clay, protozoa, algae, bacteria, viruses, and organic polymer composition, often suspended in the water among The turbidity of water produced, are also caused by this class of substances. Suspended matter is the cause turbidity, color, odor source. 
B, colloidal substances: diameter 10-4MM ~ 10-6MM between the particles, molecules and ions is a collection of many materials, natural water, inorganic colloidal minerals are mainly iron, aluminum and silicon compounds; organic colloidal material is mainly physical decay and decomposition of particles generated humic material. Colloidal material because of its surface area per unit volume is large, so the surface has a larger adsorption capacity. 
C, soluble material: diameter less than or equal to 10-6MM of small particles. Mainly to low molecular weight deep in the water there is a variety of ions dissolved salts and gases.
Organic matter in water:
Mainly refers to water of humic acid and fulvic acid compounds, sewage and industrial waste water pollutants. Containing animal and plant fiber, fat, food type, dyes, organic raw materials. Of organic matter in water have in common is to oxidative decomposition, which led to the water of oxygen, the fermentation of corruption will also enable the growth of bacteria, deterioration of water quality, destruction of water bodies. Water pollution caused by organic matter is one of the main.
Water odor:
Water decomposition of organic matter emitted stench of corruption; deep-water solutions of gases, dissolved salts or the smell of the soil, industrial waste water discharged into the water contained in such as oil, phenolic odor, etc.; disinfectant process of accession the smell of chlorine.
Water Hardness:
Some metal ions in water, together with a number of anions in water is heated in the process, due to evaporation, easy to form scale, with the heating surface and the impact of heat conduction, we water the total concentration of metal ions such as water hardness. Because of other metal ions in the water concentration is low, it usually water, calcium and magnesium ion concentration as the water hardness.
PH value of water: to water the hydrogen ion concentration on the number of negative value indicates the pH of the water.