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Misunderstanding 1: the higher the better filter accuracy 
Water, harmful bacteria such as: Escherichia coli, bacteria, etc. cysts, their size is generally above 0.7 microns, while the beneficial microbes and minerals the body size of about 0.3 microns, so the higher the precision of water purifier In dealing with water quality and also block out useful material on the human body. Some research on water purification products readers should know that if the long-term consumption of pure water through the human body is detrimental. How to choose the precision of water purifier, the buyer should see more and more compared to a detailed description of various products, working principle is the need for detailed understanding. 

Misunderstanding 2: The more new technology the better 

Recently heard a kind of mineral water, water purifier, the water is said to be able to add the human body needs minerals. LEAVE add minerals in the water is as convenient as sugar, even if it be added, and the human body can absorb is a problem. If this cause other adverse effects, it is really worth the candle was. In other areas of new technologies and new products, we can dare to do the first person to eat crabs. But with themselves and their families, health-related water purification machine, select the time-proven and reliable products is the responsibility of the family. 

Misunderstanding 3: The more expensive the better price 

This is a typical misunderstanding of purchase, many buyers feel more technologies too esoteric and trouble, I thought: I do not plan cheap, I am willing to pay for health, I chose the most expensive of the total right bar. Many businessmen are against the point, with some new technology as a selling point, the price turned a few more fight. If you see a product's price is much higher than similar products, which in the end you get a closer look at where we are. Amy on the German special universal-type pre-filter full authority by the German DVGW certification through the safety test using food-grade materials, each product before delivery had been subject to more than 25bar pressure testing to ensure product safety.