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The specific measure of water impurities, said the water quality indicators. Expressed a variety of water quality and quantity of water, the type of impurity, and thus determine whether good or bad water quality to meet the requirements. Water quality indicators are divided into physical, chemical and microbiological indicators of three types. Common water quality indicator are as follows: 
    (1) water temperature, suspended solids (SS), turbidity, transparency and conductivity, and other physical indicators, PH value, total base (acid) degree, total hardness and other chemical indicators, used to describe the sensory quality of water impurities and water in general chemical properties, sometimes including color, smell, taste description.

    (2) oxygen index system, including dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, total oxygen demand, used to measure the amount of organic pollutants in water, can also be used to represent the carbon targets, such as total organic carbon, total carbon and so on.

    (3), ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, total nitrogen, phosphate and total phosphorus, etc., used to indicate the number of nutrient elements in the water, but also reflect the degree of organic pollution of water. Sometimes coupled with characterization of chlorophyll biomass index a.

    (4) metal elements and their compounds, such as mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, chromium, copper, zinc, manganese, including its volume and content of different valence states and the description.

    (5) other harmful substances, such as phenol, cyanide, oil, fluoride, sulfide and organic pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other carcinogens.

    (6), total bacteria, coliform bacteria and other microbiological indicators to determine water pollution by pathogenic microorganisms.

    (7) also according to the nature of pollutants in water with special water quality indicators, such as the concentration of radioactive material.

    In short, some water quality is a particular or a class of water impurities, the concentration of said directly, such as certain heavy metals and volatile phenol; some of the common characteristics of the use of certain impurities to indirectly reflect its content, such as BOD, COD, etc.; there are some indicators are directly linked with the determination, the often arbitrary nature of man, such as turbidity, color and so on.