Case in Canada: Drinking water solutions

Safe, Clean and Crisp Drinking Water For Canadian Family

In Canada, water quality can no longer be taken for granted. Aging municipal water utilities struggle and often fail to meet federal quality standards. Our distribution infrastructure also faces the challenges of age and budget cuts. Once thought pristine, well water is also a source of concern since much groundwater has been contaminated by a variety of chemical and biological contaminants. It’s no wonder many of us now think twice before taking a sip from the tap. Bottled water was once a popular alternative, but it’s expensive and creates waste that’s hard on the environment. Fortunately, with OLNASI water purifier, you can provide your family with fresh, clean, great-tasting water without worry, concern or waste. Water quality varies from home to home so water treatment for one family may not be right for another.

Choosing the best drinking water system for the Canadian family
Selecting the right drinking water system for your home depends on two primary things. Where does your water come from and what is in your water? OLNASI has two types of drinking water systems, reverse osmosis units and drinking water filters. Both are great options for improving your water quality. Most of the systems will work well on city water, but if your home has well water certain solutions are better than others. Contact us, our OLNASI water expert to see which drinking water systems is best for your home.

Drinking Water Filtration
A water filter is a device that forces water through a barrier, trapping the contaminants or impurities. The barrier allows only filtered water to exit, leaving you with better tasting, clean water. Water filters normally use a filtration media or a filter cartridge to reduce specific contaminants and impurities. Some water filters will also add minerals to water when they are beneficial for human health. Certain drinking water filters are not meant for use with untreated well water.

OLNASI offers multiple drinking water filtration systems. We have the advanced water filtration system and water purifier for you.

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis is a water filtration process that forces water through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane has holes small enough to reject anything larger than a water molecule making reverse osmosis very effective for contaminant removal. The process is known for producing water of the highest quality. RO systems are good for both city water and well water.

OLNASI offers the reverse osmosis water dispenser in Canada, it’s a better drinking water station for the Canada water conditions.

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