What’s the multiple filtering of OLNASI purifier?

The filters of OLANSI water purifier:

PP cotton polypropylene filter
Filter with loose density outside and high density inside
Preliminary removal of sand, rust and visible suspended solids, etc.

Carbon rod at the front
Large surface area for absorption
Absorb residual chlorine, color and odor, improve water quality

Reverse osmosis filter
Filter germs, microorganism, water scale and other micro suspended matters

Activated carbon filter core at the back
Further remove odor to improve sweetness of the water

3 in 1 Composite filter
Reducing size without compromising purification effect. Integrate of PP cotton and front active carbon rod + back activated carbon rod into one filter element.
Three-layer filtration completed within one single composite filter, only one replacement a year. It reduces the difficulty and cost for filter replacement.

Reverse osmosis membrane
Remove sand, rust, plastic and other large particle pollution Absorb color and odor, residual chlorine, etc.

Reverse osmosis membrane
microorganism, and water scale and micro impurities

Back compound carbon cob filter core
Further remove color and odor to improve sweetness of the water

Disposable filter, replace filter as easy as replace a battery, no tool or technician’s assistance required, easy replacement

Change a new filter
Hold the top of the filter and put it in by twisting clockwise.

Remove used filter
Hold the top of the filter and take it out by twisting counter clockwise