Case in UK: Water purifier is a huge market

Lots of English home appliances corperations seek for water purifier OEM/ODM, cause it’s a huge market. This article will tell you why.

Why should we drink tap water?
Just a little bit over a hundred years ago most homes had to collect water from a local well and carry it home. It was heavy, time consuming and inconvenient. With the introduction of tap water in every home there was suddenly almost unlimited access to clean water at home from the tap. Tap water was generally affordable, convenient and safe.

Over the past 40 years as much as 40-50% of the population in some countries have replaced consumption of tap water with bottled water. Hundreds of millions of people are back to carrying home water. During this time the tap water quality in Europe and North America generally got better and not worse.

In addition to being inconvenient bottled water is also catastrophic for the environment and 100-1000x more expensive than tap water. Even worse it’s not healthier or safer than tap water. In fact in most places with hard water there’s more minerals in tap water than bottled water.

Where does tap water come from?
3% of the earth’s water resources is fresh water but only 0.4% is usable for tap water. The most common source is fresh surface water such as lakes, rivers and springs. This makes up about 80% of the world’s water consumption. Second to this comes groundwater including aquifers. 98% of the earth’s fresh water is groundwater and it is about 60 times more plentiful than the surface water. Despite this ground water is becoming more and more of a scarce resource in densely populated areas due to overuse. Third but not last comes desalinated sea-water which is almost unlimited in supply but expensive due to the amount of energy needed.

The quality of the water source is essential for good tap water but not the only factor. Advanced water treatment can make dirty and contaminant water into clean pristine tap water. In Europe and North America over 99% of the public tap water is considered clean and safe to drink according to international standards.

So why do we need Water Purifier if the tap water is good?
There’s a persistent myth that tap water is unsafe to drink. We know, at least in most of Europe, US and Canada, that this myth is not true. Your local water provider has already extensively filtered and treated the tap water before you use it.

Despite the safety of tap water, water filters aren’t just for hypochondriacs. The tap water may taste badly due to chlorine and it’s mineral content. Chemicals introduced to tap water during the cleaning process may be unhealthy to drink. It’s possible for bacteria and other germs to enter water after it undergoes the treatment process. If your pipes are old or corroded, water may shave away sediment or metal shavings, which will then get into your water supply.

Water filters can provide better tasting tap water and a “last line of defense” for those who want to make sure their water is safe. This is why it’s important to understand how water filters work.

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