Case in Malaysia: Water purifier market is anticipated to grow

Malaysia water purifier market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 10.24% during the forecast period to reach around USD722 million by 2027F because of increasing awareness among health-conscious population and technological advancements in water purifiers. Moreover, rising disposable income and changes in consumer preferences are also driving the growth of the Malaysia water purifier market in the upcoming five years.

A water purifier is a device that removes undesirable chemicals and biological impurities from water from bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water to produce pure drinking water fit for human use. Water purifiers are classed as counter-top, under sink, faucet mount, and others based on their type. To meet shifting client demand, businesses are broadening their product portfolios. OLANSI has introduced a new water purifier, created specifically for the Malaysian market. A low water level indicator, a child safety lock, and removable faucets are included in the package. The most recent edition of exceptional water filtration systems in the LOANSI Pure range, considered one of the world’s most advanced household water purification systems. OLANSI offers the best water purifier and water dipenser for Malaysia market.

Rising Primary Pollutant Content in Water Bodies Driving the Market Growth

In Malaysia, primary freshwater contributes for roughly 97 percent of total water supply. Rapid urbanization and population growth are resulting in higher water usage and, as a result, more need for water filters. Rapid development is causing massive volumes of trash to be produced, including home, industrial, commercial, and transportation waste, all of which inevitably ends up in water bodies. According to a report by Malaysia’s Department of Environment (DoE), 195 rivers in the country are slightly polluted, while 34 highly polluted. The continuous deterioration of the quality of Malaysia’s major sources of water supply has resulted in a huge increase in demand for water purifiers.

Increasing Awareness among Health-conscious Population Fueling the Market Growth

Growing public awareness of health risks and water-borne infections, and poor tap water quality, has boosted the use of water purifiers in the country. Rising public awareness of the dangers of contaminated surface water, along with dwindling supplies of safe drinking water, has resulted in a significant shift in customer preferences for technology-based domestic water purification systems across the country. Increased government initiatives to educate people about the dangers of drinking contaminated water have also aided the growth of the Malaysian water purifier market.

Adoption of Nanofiltration Technology Aids Market Growth

Due to their capacity to efficiently remove impurities, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration are two of the most prominent membrane filtration processes in the country. Aside from these filtration methods, nanofiltration membranes are gaining popularity as a low-cost, high-efficiency water purification method. Nanofiltration membranes feature much smaller pore sizes (1-10 nanometers) than UF and microfiltration membranes, which improves the efficacy of water purifiers by eliminating very minute impurities. Nanotech-based water purification systems are flexible, highly efficient, and cost-effective in comparison to standard water filtration treatments.

Growing Presence of Online Retail Aids Market Growth

Businesses can cut costs by supplying products directly to clients through online sales channels. Customers benefit from the change from traditional retail to e-retail platforms in the water purifiers category since it allows them to compare the characteristics and pricing of different models readily. Malaysia’s e-commerce business is worth USD4.3 billion, with a CAGR of 14% expected to double to USD8.1 billion by 2024. In addition, the country boasts a sizable digitally savvy populace that has quickly embraced e-commerce and mobile commerce. This digitally savvy, upwardly mobile segment represents a large potential client base for e-commerce businesses.

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