Hydrogen Inhalation Machine H600,Hydrogen Water Inhalation Machine Hydrogen Gas Inhaler And Hydrogen Breathing Machine


Hydrogen Inhalation Machine H600

Healthy hydrogen inhalation, Energized life!


Relax yourself Easy to sleep Better mood
More Beautiful Prevent aging Prevent aging


8 Features

1.Aluminum alloy housing shell with high-end quality
2.SPE pure water electrolysis technology generates 99.99% pure hydrogen
3.Visible hydrogen production window, and perceivable inhalation
4.Multiple protections, prolong service life
5.Smart reminder and timing
6.Multiple time options
7.Built-in large water tank enables long-term working
8.Low voltage input for safer use


Breathe hydrogen, it’s good for your health, good for your family


Abundant hydrogen intake through the human respiratory system, through the nose-pharynx-laryngo-lung.
Afterwards, it acts on the whole body to eliminate harmful free radicals in the body.


Stable and large flow hydrogen

High hydrogen purity, make the body detoxify, make the face radiant and youthful. High hydrogen purity, make the body detoxify, make the face radiant and youthful.


PEM: Pure water electrolysis hydrogen production
American Dupont N117 double sided platinum

A: Cathode coating
B: Anodized coating
C: American DuPont ion membrane

American DuPont 117 perfluorinated ion exchange membrane, supplemented by Pt platinum solid electrolyte on both sides.
Realize the separation of hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen production is stable, the gas volume is sufficient, the purity is high, and the service life is long.


2% Molecular Hydrogen Respiration Concentration
100ml/min is within the safe range and is more easily absorbed by the body


4 regular reminders

0.5H | 1.0H | 1.5H | 2.0H Four-stage time cycle selection

Whether it is domestic or commercial needs, it can be easily met





Blue ambient light water level observation window
Intimate and technological sense coexist

There is a MAX water level | MIN water level warm scale in the observation window, so you can take care of it with peace of mind.


Multi-color customization

Blue / Golden / Silver


Low voltage, low power consumption, no ozone

Stable and continuous work


Reassuring quality and ingenuity

Single/double side hydrogen outlet, easy and quick to breathe hydrogen.

LED display, the status is clear at a glance, and simple touch buttons make the operation easier.


Product parameters

Product Name: Hydrogen Inhalation Machine
Product Model: H600
Power Adapter: Input: AC100V–AC240V, 50/60HZ, Output: DC12V/5A
Rated power: 280W
Hydrogen flow: 600ml/min±5%
Net weight: 5.5kg
Gloss weight: 6kg
Size: 282X221X375mm