New Fashion for Healthy Living

Hydrogen-Rich Cup H8

New Fashion for healthy living, hydrogen-rich water glass H6


Hydrogen-rich water the water of youth

To reduce the harm of free radicals to the body, start by drinking hydrogen rich water every day

Hydrogen water
Hydrogen rich water, also known as “water element water” in Japan, is named for its hydrogen rich ions. It is a kind of drinking water that makes the water contain strong reducing hydrogen. Different from ordinary water, it removes excess reactive oxygen species in the body through its antioxidant and reducing power.

Active hydrogen
Active hydrogen is a hydrogen atom, a hydrogen atom with excess electronts, which can easily penetrate every part of the body’s cells. Active hydrogen is the most natural antioxidant with strong reducing power. It can release extra electrons, neutralize the activity of free radicals and then excrete in the form of water, without side effects and burdens on the human body.
Free radicals
Free radicals, known as “cell destroyers”, are aggressive oxygen molecules. Because they are extremely unstable, they are always waiting for opportunities to steal an electron from other oxygen molecules, causing other oxygen molecules to be destroyed. When the number of destroyed oxygen molecules reaches a certain amount, wrinkles, illnesses and other undesirable consequences begin to appear.


Active hydrogen Free radicals Neutralize into water and get rid of the body

Helps expel excess free radicals from the body and makes the body more relaxed.


Characteristics of hydrogen-rich water


Rich in active hydrogen
Maintain the internal balance of the body
Negative potential water
Has a good reduction ability
Small molecule water
Strong penetration, easy to absorb


Hydrogen rich water makes you healthy and beautiful

Drinking more than 1.5L of hydrogen-rich water a day is equivalent to the antioxidant value provided by hundreds of fruits and vegetables

3.7 pumpkins 756 bananas 46 cabbages 38 carrots 516 apples


Hydrogen rich water experiment

Hydrogen water experiment
6 hours after cutting the pears

Exposed to the air Soak in ordinary water Soak in hydrogen water

Experiments have proved that hydrogen water can delay the oxidation reaction to a certain extent.


Anytime, anywhere

Hydrogen concentration> 1600PPB (5 minutes)
Hydrogen concentration> 3000PPB (10 minutes)


The fourth generation of hydrogen production technology

Hydrogen production technology does not stop


Pressure bearing design

The higher the pressure, the higher the hydrogen content

Pressure> 10KG (1MPa)


Titanium plated platinum
+ membrane electrode material

The pure platinum coating has no precipitation, you can rest assured if there is a film

Don’t worry if you have a membrane

When hydrogen is produced, the water is clear and transparent.
SPE electrolysis discharges residual chlorine and ozone.

No precipitation of pure platinum coating

Imported pure platinum coating long-term electrolysis
without heavy metal precipitation


OLED display

High-end concise atmosphere


Product information

Product Name: Hydrogen-Rich Cup
Model No.: H8
Hydrogen-Rich Concentration: 10 min≥3000ppb
Power Supply: AC100-240V
Negative potential: -200 – -400mV
Capacity: 280ml
Charging Time: 3-4h
Battery Capacity: 1800mAH
Charging Mode: Type C USB Charging Port
One complete process of electrolysis cost: 5 min
Electrolysis times after fully charged: ≥10 times
Applicable Water Temperature: 1-55℃
Electrode: Titanium Platinum+Membrane Electrode
Applicable Water Quality: Purified Water, Mineral Water
Proton Exchange Membrane: Membrane Electrode
Product Size: 60*230mm