Product Description

portable hydrogen water bottle

99.9% hydrogen purity

5 min solution time

>1000ppb hydrogen production

Platinum titanium alloy electrolyte

Technical Specs

Product Item Hydrogen Water Bottle
Model OLS-H1
Color Black, Blue, Golden
Size 70*270mm
Net Weight 320g
Volume 500ml
Water temperature 1-80℃
Hydrogen Content Above 1000ppb
Material PC/AS/Astman Tritan
Voltage DC5V/2A
Battery Capacity 1000mA
Power 1.2W
Charging Time Appro 2 Hours

Led light panel in the base and colorful light in the bottle when it’s working

Portable cup cover

Ionic membrance electrolysis fully

Touch switch

Charge port cover

Usb recharge

What is the benefit of Hydrogen Water ?

Improving Metabolism

Eliminate Inflammation

Allergies Helped

Remove Fatigue

Slimming Beauty

Enhances Memory


Inhibits Tumor