OLS-A5A UV Desktop Air Purifier

Product Name Air Purifier
Model OLS-A5A
Color White or Custom
Product Dimension 340*175*434mm
Chassis Material ABS/Acrylic cover
Gross Weight 5KG
Voltage 220-240V
Power 43W
CADR 200m³/h
Application Area 14-24square meter
Noise Less than 30dB
PM2.5 99.99%

260-270nm Ultraviolet Light

Olansi air purifier protects you from virus and bacterial
If used properly, orange air filters can help reduce air pollutants, including viruses in buildings or small spaces. Air cleaner or filtration alone is not enough to protect people from the invasion of cowid-19.

Olansi air purifier are designed to filter pollutants or pollutants in the air through them. Air purification and filtration help to reduce pollutants in the air, including particles containing viruses. Portable air purifiers (also known as air purifiers) can be particularly helpful in situations where indoor comfort (temperature or humidity) is not affected, or when outdoor air pollution is severe.
Working principle and types of Olansi air purifier
Olansi Air purifier is usually composed of fan and air filter system. Its working principle is: the fan in the machine (also known as fan) circulates the indoor air, and the polluted air will remove or absorb various pollutants through the filter in the machine, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning and purifying the air.

Air purifiers are generally wall mounted, suspended, ceiling mounted and floor mounted; According to the air purification technology, it is divided into: HEPA air purifier, activated carbon air purifier, electronic air purifier, ultraviolet air purifier, clean room air purifier, negative ion air purifier, ion air purifier, ozone air purifier, etc.
Main technology of Olansi air purifier
There are many different technologies and media in the air purifier, which enables it to provide users with clean and safe air. Common air purification technologies include HEPA high efficiency filtration technology, photoplasma technology, adsorption technology, negative ion technology, negative oxygen ion technology, molecular complexation technology, titanium dioxide photocatalyst technology, electrostatic dust collection technology, active oxygen technology, etc; Material technology mainly includes: photocatalyst, activated carbon, synthetic fiber, HEPA efficient material, negative ion generator, etc. Most of the existing air purifiers are of composite type, that is, a variety of purification technologies and materials are used at the same time.

HEPA filter screen

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) is the most popular technology used in air purifier, and it is also the most stable and no side effect physical filtration method. HEPA filter screen can absorb 99.7% 0.3 μ m suspended particles (0.3 μ m is the most difficult size to filter), making the inhaled air more fresh and clean. Generally, HEPA filter can absorb chemical smog, bacteria, dust particles and pollen. The advantage of HEPA filter is effective and safe. Its filtration capacity is higher than that of electrostatic dust collection technology, but it can not remove harmful gases.

With the improvement of HEPA level (mostly H11 ~ H13 on the market), the greater the wind resistance, the more the noise. Please select the relevant filter screen according to the specific environment (please try to use H12 and above filter screen in the heavily polluted environment). In addition, the filter screen that can not be replaced on time is also easy to become a hotbed for bacteria breeding, causing secondary pollution. Users should regularly check or use the air purifier with intelligent filter management technology; The air purifier using HEPA should have a good airtight design, otherwise the air will go around the filter screen and lose the filtering effect.


O2 and H2O molecules in the air are irradiated by special wavelength nanotube and decomposed into plasma streams with high oxidation photoplasma. These photoplasma streams with a large number of electronic bonds have the ability to destroy organic molecules. They can quickly neutralize volatile formaldehyde, toluene, VOC and other gas molecules in the air and decompose them into water and carbon dioxide, The technology itself will not produce any other harmful substances. The water molecules formed by neutralizing formaldehyde molecules can continue to act again through the nanotube, and the pollutants can be completely decomposed through such a chain reaction.


Under ultraviolet light, photocatalyst can decompose many harmful gases and disinfect.

Activated carbon filter

The activated carbon filter screen has considerable effect on deodorization and absorption of harmful gases; However, to filter the suspended particles, it is necessary to use HEPA and other kinds of filters. The advantage is safe and effective, the disadvantage is high replacement cost.
Antiviral/antibacterial respiratory filters

The most effective, safe and affordable solution to prevent cross contamination of virus and bacteria

Antiviral and antibacterial respiratory filters provide a simple way to ensure that cross contamination is prevented, thereby ensuring patient and operator safety without affecting system performance.

The use of filters in lung function and metabolism tests can also reduce the diffusion of aerosol droplets in the air and reduce the environmental pollution caused by forced expiratory and hyperventilation during the test. Preventing aerosol diffusion is the key to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

UVC air purifier/UV-C light air purifier

This is not a coincidence, because the HEPA air filter is the foundation of quality air purification. Ultraviolet light is one of the three kinds of ultraviolet light, which is often used in air purification. If used properly, this invisible light can safely kill bacteria, molds, and even bacteria and viruses in some cases.

Olansi has an industry-leading air purifier that can be used to reduce mold spores, pollen, dust and odor. If you need help choosing the right air purifier, please contact us immediately; We are happy to help you choose the right products according to your specific needs.

From the bedroom to the business office, we all have the right air purifier to create a healthy space for everyone!
Effectiveness of Olansi air purifier
Olansi Air purifier can not solve the problem of increasing carbon dioxide concentration, unless the air is introduced from outside. Some models are fixed on the window to directly filter the outdoor air into the room. The air purifier has poor effect on second-hand smoke, and the ventilation capacity to slow down the harm of second-hand smoke is extremely high, and the consumption speed of filter screen is extremely fast, so it is better to use a strong exhaust fan to extract the second-hand smoke out of the room (this is why the reasonable anti smoking act requires a total ban on smoking indoors and within a certain distance from doors and windows); Just like the kitchen is the use of range hood to reduce smoke damage. In the same way, it is also suitable for the pollution caused by gold paper.

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