Olansi A12 Best Portable Desktop UVC H13 HEPA Filter Air Purifier Antibacterial And Antiviral For Home And Office Use

Product model:A12
Application area:8-15m
Rated power:25W
Rated voltage:110-220V
TVOC CADR value:40-60m3/h
Noise:Maximum gear noise <50DB (A)
Filter:HEPA + activated carbon



2020 Best Desktop Air Purifier – Antibacterial And Antiviral Product

Product model  A12  Application area  8-15m
 Rated power  25W  CADR  100-120m3/h
 Rated voltage  110-220V  TVOC CADR value  40-60m3/h
 Wind speed adjustment  4 files  Noise  Maximum gear noise <50DB (A)
 Product Size  190 *190*320mm  Filter  H13 HEPA + activated carbon

Olansi A12 Desktop Air Purifier Advantages – A Small Figure & Big Effect
1, H13 HEPA + High Performance Modified Activated carbon & Three-In-One Filter
2. High CADR Value: 100-120m2/h
3. Applicable Area: 8-15m2
4. Intelligent Air Quality Digital Display + Lighting Display
5. DC Brushless Motor, Low Power Consumption + High Efficiency Conversion + High Life
6. Purification With Low Noise, Ensure Sound Sleep
7. The Reminder of the Filter Element Life