Product Description

Olansi new beauty skin products.

Face Cleansing Massger, hydrogen rich (electrolyzed water)

Technical Specs

Product Name Immersion Hydrogen Rich Face Wash Instrument
Model OLS-B5 Electrolysis Time 15 minutes
Charging Method Wireless charging Charging Time 3-4 hours
Vibration Vibration massage Vibration Mode Eccentric motor
Dimension Ø150 * 60 (with base) Motor Speed Speed 8000r/min
Waterproof Level IPX-7 Operating Temperature 5-60 ° C
Power Supply Input voltage AC110-240V wide frequency voltage Hydrogen-rich Content >600ppb
(5L water electrolysis for 10 minutes)
Operating Hours The machine can work continuously for 1 hour when fully charged
Hydrogen Production Non-hydrogen and oxygen separation
Vibration Control Method One button switch adjustment
Ion Membrane High concentration hydrogen production
Vibration Intensity Level 3 levels
Vibration Time One vibration time for 3 minutes(Automatically stops after 3 minutes of vibration)
Magnetic Therapy Double permanent magnet magnetic therapy
Color Light Orange, blue, and green light, breathing cycle gradient during electrolysis
Function 1.Clean Massage, Relieve Fatigue
2.Magnetic Force
3.Intelligent Water Sensing
4.Color Light
5.Wireless Charging
6.Ring Geometry

Four Advantages:

1.Built-in healthy magnet

2.three-dimensional stereoscopic spiral closed loop magnetic field

3.Improve blood patency

4.high oxygen carrying capacity

Inheriting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, using the magnetic field to affect the distribution of bio-current in the human body, the operating state of the charge and the magnetic orientation of the bio-polymer.

Three colour represents different function:

Orange light Prevents dry skin, increases skin elasticity, stretches wrinkles, and delays skin aging
Blue light Anti-inflammatory and calm, reduce skin oil and fat, reduce pores, suitable for acne, oily, rough skin and other skin
Green light It has a calming and relaxing effect on the nerves. Suitable for rough skin, wrinkles, blackheads, acne, acne, etc.

Hydrogen molecule health beauty function
1. Hydrogen helps to relieve fatigue after exercise
2, Hydrogen can promote the uptake of glucose by muscle cells
3, Containing hydrogen water bath can fight UV
4. Protective effect of hydrogen physiological saline on ultraviolet B skin damage
5, Anti-wrinkle beauty effect of hydrogen
6, Hydrogen can prevent aging
7. Hydrogen inhibits the uptake of fatty acids and fat accumulation
8. Hydrogen water protects male fertility
9, Hydrogen helps with weight loss

One Button Switch to Adjust Massage • Once time vibration time is 3 minutes (automatically stops after 3s of vibration).
• Vibration: After turning on the power, press the switch to enter the vibration level 1 intensity vibration mode, press again to change to level 2, level 3, turn off the vibration.
Operating Mode 1. Hydrogen production: long press the switch for 3s, start up and hydrogen production, automatically shut down hydrogen production after 15 minutes of electrolysis, or press and hold 3s to close hydrogen production.
2. Vibration: After turning on the power, press the switch to enter the vibration level 1 intensity vibration mode, press again change to level 2, level 3, turn off the vibration, cycle the adjustment; finally after starting the vibration mode, stop the hydrogen production.
3. Color light: The color light is turned on and off and synchronized with hydrogen production. Color light is not turned on when vibrating.