Portable Fruit And Vegetable Sterilizer

Model: C5B
New Technology Non-ozone

Sterilization and removal of residual pesticides Water electrolysis purification Small and portable
One-button start IPX7 waterproof Inductive charging


More Thorough Cleaning

Why fruit and vegetable washers
are the next hot selling product ?

At present, fruits and vegetables are very seriously contaminated and contain pesticide residues, viruses and bacteria to a greater or lesser extent. China has begun to widely advocate not using tap water directly to wash fruits and vegetables to prevent viruses from invading. Therefore, this product will become a widely used product in households after the epidemic.

Pesticide degradation effects ≥90%

Sterilization effect ≥99.99%


Wavy Design Style


Working Principle

Hypochlorous acid for thorough cleaning

1.The decomposition of water into OH- and H+ by the action of an ion generator.

2 A fraction of the OH- snatches the H+ from the pesticide and bacterial cell walls and recombines it, breaking the molecular structure of the pesticide and degrading it to (a) Harmless substances. The other part of the OH- combines with chlorine in water to produce hypochlorous acid, which is degraded and kills bacteria through oxidative reactions.

3 Hypochlorous acid releases new ecological oxygen and uses it to oxidatively kill pathogenic microorganisms.

Titanium Electrolyte

Electrolysis of a high concentration of hydroxyl radicals (OH-),
in the form of high-density bubbles and fruits and vegetables in contact
with the full removal of pesticide residues, bacteria.

A: Electrolysis of high concentrations of hydroxyl radicals (OH-)
B: Pesticide residues, bacteria

Electrolysis of high concentrations of hydroxyl radicals (OH-) Generation of new ecological oxygen Oxidative degradation of toxins


Small Volume 

Throw it in the dishwasher to purify

Press the button once when 3 liters of water is placed in the dishwasher, the green light will light up and the dish will be electrolyzed for 5 minutes.
When 6 liters of water is put in the dishwasher, the machine will press the button twice and the blue light will come on, electrolysis will take 10 minutes.

①Press it to start working. The green light is on. Electrolysis for 5 minutes.
②Press it again. The blue light comes on. Electrolysis for 10 minutes.
Note: Low battery status: red light flashing


Multi-purpose portable sterilizer

Remarkable Results

Removal of pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables

Removal of grain preservative paraffin Breakdown of hormone residues in fresh meat Hotel toiletries disinfection and sterilization Sterilization of baby bottles and toys Sterilization of tableware and cookware


Inductive Charging Fast recharge

4400mah high-capacity battery life, ready to charge, full and full stop,
Charge once and work about 12 times for 5 minutes each time.

4400 mah
High capacity

12 times
Number of times used

5 minutes
Long duration


Highly waterproof

Highly waterproof with IPX7 rating


Product parameters

Product Name: Portable fruit and vegetable sterilizer
Input power: ≤5W
Battery capacity: 4400mAh
Waterproof rating: IPX7 (main unit)
Product net weight: 0.41kg (with charging base)
Power adapter: 5V≤1A
Product Model Number: C5B
Applicable capacity: 1.5-8L
Product Color: White
Product Dimensions: 103x103x63mm (with charging base)