Deodorant Sterilizer S2

Deodorization and sterilization | Fruit and vegetable preservation | Degradation of pesticide residues


Have you ever encountered any of the following situations?

Food spoilage Bacteria multiply Mildew and smelly Item smell


Common foodborne pathogens

Vibrio parahaemolyticus Escherichia coli Listeria monocytogenes
Shigella Staphylococcus aureus Escherichia coli


Deodorant sterilizer S2

*Ozone sterilization
*space deodorization
*Fresh-keeping and anti-mildew
*Degradation of pesticide residues
*O Consumables
*Long life


Ozone sterilization, healthy and clean

Ozone destroys the structure of the microbial film by the oxidation of oxygen atoms to achieve bactericidal effect.

*Utilize the strong oxidizing properties of ozone to destroy bacterial RNA, efficiently eliminate bacteria and inhibit bacteria, and finally form O2 /H20/CO2, etc., clean without secondary pollution.
*For food sterilized by ozone, at room temperature, ozone will continuously decompose into oxygen, and it can be cleaned after cleaning
*Eat with confidence.


The effectiveness of ozone sterilization is beyond doubt.


Ozone sterilization, four effects in one

Deodorate Sterilization Keep Fresh Degradation of pesticide residues


Tailor-made for small spaces
Beautiful and practical for hanging and pendulum

*Clean, simple and cute shape!
*Use the air circulation in the space to eliminate bacteria without dead ends, and effectively eliminate bacteria and odors!


Use the deodorizer and sterilizer: create a small airtight space, and many household items can be sterilized!

Cutting board disinfection Towel toothbrush disinfection
Disinfection of toys Disinfection of daily necessities for pet houses


Simple and stylish design concept

Demure artistic conception | modern simplicity | quality life


Rounded curves, graceful radians
Add an aesthetic flavor to life with a simple and round gesture



Two modes to choose

Normal sterilization
Intensity sterilization

Normal mode:
When ozone occurs, the blue light flashes quickly,
Breathing blue light while sleeping

Intensity Mode:
When ozone occurs, the blue light will be on for a long time, and the blue light will be breathed during sleep


0 consumables, no need to replace consumables

Environmental protection and energy saving: USB charging, full power can be used for 10 days


Product Test Report

Authoritative test report sterilization rate of 99.9%


product view

Product parameters

Product Name: Deodorizer Sterilizer Deodorizer Sterilizer
Rated charging voltage: 5V/1A
Ozone generation: 15mg/h
Gears: normal sterilization, intensity sterilization
Product size: 170*70*31mm
Charging time: 4h
Noise level<40dB
Product use: deodorization, freshness of fruits and vegetables, degradation of pesticide residues, disinfection of confined spaces and items
Product Model: S2
Rated power: 3W
Battery capacity: 2600mA
Power supply mode: lithium battery, Type C
Product net weight: 196g
Battery life: 10 days
Material: ABS