Portable fruit and vegetable purifier


Make your food cleaner Ensure the safety of your food.

Sterilization and pesticides residual removal Water electrolysis purification Small and portable
Start with one click IPX7 waterproof Inductive charging


Invisible pesticide residue and pollution
Sensible health risks to you.


How to clean
fruits and vegetables?

Sterilization and pesticide residue removal

Enjoy a healthy, clean and smart life

The pollution of fruits and vegetables is serious at present. There contains pesticide residue, viruses and bacteria in the fruits and vegetables more or less, sometimes even over the national standard. There is also a lack of awareness of the contamination of vegetables and fruits, and no effective removal method has been taken before eaten.

Helps to pesticide degradation ≥90%
Sterilization effect ≥99.99%
*Test data from Olansi laboratory


Lotus bloom design style

The fuselage of the purifier imitates the bionic design as lotus in early blossom. The flower blossom design expresses the nature and clean characteristics of the purifier.

Lotus has always appeared in our lives as a noble image which comes out of mud unsoiled. Its implied
meaning of pure always appears in our lives and becomes the common choice of poet and painter.


High energy ion purification technology
Work Trilogy of Hypochloric Acid

1.Water decomposes into OH-and H + under the action of ion generator.
2.Part of OH-takes away pesticides and bacteria and H + from the cell walls, recombines them afterwards, breaks down the molecular structure of pesticides, and degrades it into harmless substances; Another part of OH- combines with chlorine in the water and forms hypochloric acid through oxidation, finish the sterilization through degradation;
3.Hypochloric acid releases new ecological oxygen and uses its oxidizability to kill pathogenic

Titanium electrolytic sheet

High concentration of hydroxyl radical (OH -) has been electrolyzed. It gets sufficient contact in the form of high-density bubbles with fruits and vegetables to remove pesticide residues and bacteria.

A: Electrolysis of high concentrations of hydroxyl radicals (OH-)
B: Pesticide residues, bacteria

Electrolysis of high concentrations of hydroxyl radicals (OH-) Generation of new ecological oxygen Oxidative degradation of toxins


No limitation on volume
It can be purified by throwing
the vegetable into the sink

Put 3 liters of water in the sink, and click the button once. When the green light
is on and the electrolysis will start for 5 minutes.
Put 6 liters of water in the sink, and click the button twice. When the blue light
is on and the electrolysis will start for 10 minutes.

Click the button to start the purifier. When the Green light is on and the electrolysis will start for 5 minutes. Click the button again. When the Blue light is on and the electrolysis will start for 10 minutes.

Note: Red light flashes indicate the low battery condition

Multi-Scene Application of Portable Fruit and Vegetable Purifier

It has great effect on sterilization and pesticide residue removal.

Removal of pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables

Removal of grain preservative paraffin Breakdown of hormone residues in fresh meat Hotel toiletries disinfection and sterilization Sterilization of baby bottles and toys Sterilization of tableware and cookware


Inductive Charging Fast recharge

4400mah high-capacity battery life, ready to charge, full and full stop,
Charge once and work about 12 times for 5 minutes each time.

4400 mah
High capacity

12 times
Number of times used

5 minutes
Long duration


High water proof,
not afraid of seepage

IPX7 high waterproof, use it without doubt.


Product name: Portable fruit and vegetable purifier
Input power: ≤5W
Battery capacity: 4400 mah
Waterproof grade: IPX7 level (host)
Product net weight: 0.41kg (with charging base)
Power adapter: 5V≤1A
Item model number: C5
Applicable capacity: 1.5-8L
Product color: White
Product size: 103 × 103 × 63mm (with charging base)