Refrigerator Deodorizer S1

* Refrigerating deodorization
* Sterilization and preservation
* Degradation of pesticide residues


The refrigerator is the dirtiest place in the kitchen

A 2010 Home Health Report, implemented by the Global Hygiene Council, mentions that: According to the latest survey released by the Global Hygiene Council, the refrigerator was found to be heavily polluted in the bacterial test and ranked first in the kitchen!

The World Health Organization has conducted a household health survey in nine countries, including Germany, Britain and Australia. The results showed that 46 % of the family’s refrigerator internal bacteria exceeded the standard, mainly Salmonella, Listeria, Shigella, etc., and there were signs of mold reproduction in 44% of the refrigerators.


Refrigerator Deodorizer S1

* Ozone sterilization Refrigerator deodorization
* Anti-mildew and preservation
* Degradation of pesticide residue
* Zero consumable
* Long life


Ozone sterilization, healthy and clean

Ozone destroys the structure of microbial membranes by oxidation of oxygen atoms in order to achieve bactericidal effect.

·The strong oxidation of ozone can destroy bacterial RNA, effectively eliminate bacteria and carry out bacteriostasis, and finally form O2 / HO / CO2, which is clean and free of secondary pollution.
·For food disinfected by ozone, ozone will continue to decompose into oxygen at room temperature. After cleaning, you can eat it at ease.



Ozone sterilization, four- in-one

Deodorization Sterilization Preservation Degradation of pesticide residues



Sterilization and deodorization

The smell in the refrigerator is, in the final analysis, caused by bacteria. At present, most of the refrigerators used in families are still single-cycle, so that if anything in any corner of the refrigerator produces smell, it will spread throughout the whole refrigerator.
Ozone is a strong oxidant, and its sterilization is completed by physical, chemical and biological property. Ozone reacts with bacterial cell wall lipids and penetrates into the cells, acting on proteins and lipopolysaccharides, changing cell permeability and causing bacterial death.


Degradation of pesticide residues

Is it true? In the CCTV-2, Zhao Jianzhuang, Vice President of Capital Institute of Agricultural Product Safety Industry Technology of Beijing University of Agriculture and Professor of Beijing University of Agriculture, personally tested and announced to the audience: “the effect is very, obvious. 83.68% of pesticides and dichlorvos have been degraded.”

In the Study on the Removal of Organic Phosphorus and Nitrate in Fruits and Vegetables by Ozone, four fruits and vegetables containing residues such as Chinese cabbage, tomato, grape and loquat are treated with ozone to study the effect of ozone on the removal of common pesticides and nitrate in fruits and vegetables.

And finally, it shows: The results show that ozone treatment has obvious effect on the degradation of organophosphorus pesticide residues, and also has certain effect on nitrate removal. After ozone treatment for 60 min, the nitrate removal rates of Chinese cabbage and grape are 5.80% and 5.24% respectively. The nitrate removal rates of tomato and loquat are as high as 53.80% and 22.63%. Compared with the effect of ozone treatment for 30 min, ozone treatment for 60 min can increase the total organic phosphorus degradation rate of Chinese cabbage and grape by nearly one time (the degradation rate of Chinese cabbage increases from 21.91% to 41.77%); The degradation rate of grape
increased from 12.40% to 31.68%).


Simple, beautiful and stylish design

Fine and quiet | Modern simplicity | high-quality

Round curve, nice radian.
Add aesthetics to life with the attitude of simplicity
and round modeling.


Design for the refrigerator,

both beautiful and practical.

* Clean, simple, cute avocado modeling!
* Utilize the air circulation of space, destroy bacteria without dead corner, remove bacteria and smell efficiently!


Choice of two modes

* Normal:
When ozone occurs, flash blue lights, and breathe blue lights when it stops

* Intensity:
When ozone occurs, long bright blue lights, and breathe blue lights when it stops


Zero consumables,

no need to replace consumables

Environmental protection and energy-saving: USB charging, full power can be used for 10 days


Not just the refrigerator

Bookcase, bathroom cabinet, toy box, storage box and other confined spaces: Long-term sterilization and deodorization

wardrobe shoe cabinet


Test report

Authoritative test report with 99.9 % of bactericidal rate

Product view

Front view Side view Bottom view


Product parameters

Product name: Refrigerator deodorizer
Rated voltage: 5V / 1A
Ozone generation: 15mg/h
Gear: normal, intensity
Size: 100*120*75mm
Charging time: 4h
Noise level: <40dB
Usage: Deodorization, sterilization and preservation
Model: S1
Rated power: 3W
Battery capacity: 2600mA
Power supply mode: Lithium battery, USB charging
Net weight: 220g
Endurance time: 10 days
Material: ABS