reverse osmosis instant hot and cold water dispenser system

A beginner’s guide to the reverse osmosis cold water dispenser

A reverse osmosis cold water dispenser is a two-in-one machine that produces pure and sweet cold water on demand. This is a home appliance that is a hybrid between a water filter and a water dispenser. People who buy the reverse osmosis cold water dispenser, enjoy the best of both worlds. The machine features two different water systems that are indispensable to drinking instant pure water in the home. Before now, water dispensers did not come with filters. They only came with pre-filtered and packaged water. Now current water dispensing machines make it easy for homes/offices/schools to transform unfiltered water into cold drinking water.

An overview of Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a type of water purification technology. This technique is the most effective method of purifying home water before drinking it. The RO water purification technology works by getting rid of over 99.9% of all the dissolved solids contained in your unfiltered water. Reverse osmosis is the best way to get the purest and cleanest drinking water. Due to the efficiency of this method in producing the cleanest form of water, it is can be used to treat water on demand. Millions of homes and public establishments around the world use reverse osmosis water dispensers. This is because:

  • The water obtained from the reverse osmosis process is pure and healthy.
  • A reverse osmosis system needs no electricity to work.
  • The reverse osmosis process is fully automatic.
  • Reverse osmosis works to produce pure water that is similar to the quality of commercially bottled water. Therefore it is the best alternative to buying plastic bottled water.

The process of reverse osmosis is a very effective way of purifying water because it removes all harmful impurities contained in the water. The process is also useful in removing healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium. There is a remineralization cartridge that re-introduces the minerals back into the water. The re-introduction of the minerals into the filtered water makes it a pleasant alkaline taste. This way, its health properties are improved.

Types of reverse osmosis water systems

A reverse osmosis water system is available commercially in three primary variants. These are:

Whole house option: This Means that the system can be installed for the entire house and be connected to a water dispenser.

Thankless: This option does not come with any tank except the reverse osmosis device and a simple hot/cold faucet.

Standalone or countertop units: These are the popular reverse osmosis systems that also incorporate a hot/cold water dispensing machine. They are the most common types of reverse osmosis water systems.

About the reverse osmosis cold water dispenser

A reverse osmosis cold water dispenser is a water dispensing machine that also features reverse osmosis water filtration technology. The water is subjected to a 4-stage reverse osmosis filtration process before it is served as cold water. Many of these machines also have options to dispense filtered hot water which can be used for cooking and making your favourite hot drinks.

Components of the reverse osmosis cold water dispenser

The RO cold water dispenser features reverse osmosis filtration technology and a water dispensing system. In addition, this home appliance for healthy water also features several essential components. These are

Energy saver: The energy saver is a primary feature of this type of hybrid water dispenser. It gives the user better control by being able to toggle the cold or hot functions either on or off.

Analog electronics: Many RO water dispensers will usually work in the absence of electricity or a power outage. Since it uses analogue electronics, it can produce healthy and cold water in the absence of power.

Water filter system: The RO water dispensing system comes with advanced filtration technology. This technology is made up of a layer of filtration elements that are made up of sediment, pre-carbon, and post-carbon filters. It also features the reverse osmosis membrane to complete the 4-stage filtration process.

Benefits of using a reverse osmosis cold water dispenser

All-in-one water machine: A RO cold water machine comes with all your favourite water treatment functions. It has a reverse osmosis filtration system, a cold water faucet, and a hot water faucet. This means that you will always have pure cold or hot water to use at all times.

Instant water purification: The RO cold water machines make pure and healthy water available in an instant. You do not have to wait for the process to take place. It offers you clean water in seconds.

Instant cold/hot water: Your pure water can be served as either a cold or hot option instantly.

Topnotch water quality: This is a great water system that purifies unfiltered water and makes it fit for drinking. It is meant to produce instant hot/cold water of great quality. Some machines are made to produce cold pure and sweet water.

Numerous model variants: RO cold water dispensing systems are made and available in different models. This means that you can get the machine in different forms and functions according to your needs and preferences.

User-friendliness: The hybrid water dispensers come with many simple functions that enhance usability. The machine features numerous one-touch button functions to easily process water.

Good designs: The water dispensers are hybrid and usually feature excellent and sleek designs. This is why they are good to use inside the house or outdoors. Many of these water systems have been designed to look nice.

Easy maintenance: The machine can be maintained quite easily. Thanks to components that can be maintained easily.

Reasonable prices: Many RO water dispensing machines are offered at reasonable prices. They are usually affordable when you consider their functions and benefits.

Long-term value: This machine eliminates the need for you to use kettles or bottled water. It instantly produces hot/cold water on demand.

Temperature controls: The machine usually comes with a control function that allows you to alter the temperature concerning hot or cold. Note that not all RO cold water dispensers have this function. Commonly available water temperature options include room temperature, hot water, and cold water.

Anti-scalding feature: Not many water dispensing machines come with a protective feature to stop kids from getting scalded. This water machine features an additional button that stops kids from getting burned.

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