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A commercial guide to the water filtration soda water dispenser

Soda water is a popular fizzy drink that is in high demand. Due to the mass appeal of this drink, many restaurants and cafes are offering various soda water beverages for customers. Soda water can be customized by any commercial brand to create unique tastes and flavours. This is why the soda water dispenser is in high demand among many beverage businesses and retailers. Since many customers like the fizzy and refreshing taste of these soda makers, the soda water dispenser will always be useful for commercial purposes.


The soda water industry

Soda water is also known as carbonated water. This is a type of drinking water that contains dissolved carbon dioxide gas. The carbon dioxide gas is kept under pressure and mixed with still water. This then results in a fizzy water drink with bubbles. This bubble is produced by the dissolved carbon dioxide gas in the drink mixture. Due to the importance and desirability of this special type of water, it is now being deployed for commercial use. Many restaurants and cafes now offer several flavours of soda water. Statistics about the market revealed that in 2011, there were total soda water sales of $2.6 billion. In 2016, this increased to $6 billion.


The importance of the soda water dispenser to businesses

Many businesses serve their wide range of soda water flavours using a commercial soda water dispenser. This is a special machine that comes with all the necessary components to allow such businesses to produce their fizzy beverages for thirsty customers who can’t do without their favourite soda water drinks.


Soda water is in high demand because many restaurants and cafes offer their unique sweet flavours. Blending carbonated water with various natural flavours easily results in a unique and fizzy beverage for the brand. In addition, a lot of businesses usually carbonated other liquids like wine, milk, creams, juices, tea, and so on to produce amazing beverages and drinks. In commercial situations, it is possible to buy carbonated water being sold under various brand names like:

  • Seltzer water
  • Fizzy water
  • Club soda
  • Soda water
  • Sparkling water


Soda water comes with a lot of benefits. Apart from its fizzy and enjoyable taste, it also has numerous health benefits.


Suppliers of soda water dispensers

Commercial soda water businesses and brands require efficient and reliable suppliers of soda water dispensers. Without this, they will not be able to meet the demands of their customers. Many commercial soda water sellers usually depend on the various components of their machines to create a unique beverage. To do this, they need an efficient supplier that will be able to service their demands. The suppliers usually support these soda water businesses to function at their best. In recent years, commercial soda water dispenser suppliers have expanded their lineup of equipment to cater to a larger marketplace.


Commercial soda water dispensers: its benefits to businesses

Thanks to commercial soda water dispenser suppliers, many brands and businesses can now produce a wide range of soda water drinks for customers. This can be seen from the benefits of this machine. The benefits of the soda water dispenser for commercial use include:

Different variants: Businesses can now choose the right type of soda water dispenser to use for their spaces. This impressive revenue-generating machine can be purchased in three different variants:

I). Countertop soda water dispensers: This unit is usually placed on the counter in the kitchen or serving area.

II). Undercounter soda water dispensers: This unit can be placed under the counter of the commercial kitchen or the service area.

III). Freestanding soda water dispensers: This is a full unit that can stand on its footing. They can be placed in any suitable location of the restaurant or cafe. They are usually placed around locations where they will not impede the movement of customers or staff. They are used widely in drive-through business services.


Multiple capabilities: Many commercial soda water dispensers that are used commercially to meet a wide range of drink tastes and preferences come with numerous capabilities.


A large collection of units: The soda water dispenser marketplace feature a wide collection of products. This means that you can choose an advanced or traditional product type for your business. Many suppliers have a wide collection of soda water dispensers. This way, you can easily browse their collections to see the right soda water dispenser that meets your space requirements and functional preferences.


Cater to any commercial use: A good large-scale soda water dispenser will help you cater to a large audience at once. With commercial soda water machines, you can easily produce high volumes of soda water and supply it to corporate lounges/kitchens, hotel lobbies, food halls, schools, sports games, and any large group of people.


Technical support: A soda water dispenser supplier usually offers technical support to its customers. This usually means that they help recommend the right commercial soda water maker for each business. The one-time cost of this service will eliminate expensive water deliveries later on. This will help save the business a lot of money and also reduce its total carbon footprint. Many suppliers offer reliable business support: whether you need a commercial soda water fountain for supply customers, or you need one for your company employees to refill their glasses, technical support can help you achieve this.


The importance of commercial soda water dispensers for commercial kitchens and restaurants

With a commercial soda water dispenser, many commercial kitchens and restaurants can simply increase their customers and increase revenue. There are some benefits of this machine for large-scale use. This includes:

  1. Spice up your menus:A soda water dispenser in the commercial kitchen or restaurant can help you create fresh foods and snacks. They can be used to transform your recipes. Soda water has air bubbles which will bring your recipes to life. When you cook with carbonated water, you create more possibilities to attract more customers. This includes:
  • When carbonated water is added to your mixed milk or water for snacks, it creates a fluffier and lighter texture.
  • It can be used to keep fried vegetables and chicken crispier, fluffier, and lighter after frying.


  1. Create custom-branded gourmet sodas:These commercial soda water dispensers give you the capability to create your line of soda drinks and beverages.


  1. Create fizzy cocktails:The soda water fountain can give your business the leverage it needs to create a wide range of cocktails or mocktails. This can help create huge profits for your business.
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