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All the secrets of soda water that you will never get from a sparkling water machine commercial

From Rock-star club soda promos to celebrity soda water campaigns, no commercial advert has ever been able to fit all the amazing secrets of sparkling water in less than two minutes. This is because there is much more to your favourite carbonated drink than meets the eye.


As top-tier soda water brands fight the brand wars on TV to capture more customers, they keep ignoring the most important point of their sparkling water machine commercial ads. Soda water is much more than a leisure drink – it is a way of life. Whatever you do, you can adapt your favourite carbonated drink to help enhance your health and increase your daily productivity.


The secrets of soda water are beyond listing out possible benefits of your favourite carbonated water. It is more like a testimonial that has helped so many famous and wealthy people stay on top of their respective fields. Whatever your profession is, you need soda water to be on your A-game.


Helps you to meet your hydration needs

Compared to sparkling water, ordinary water can be boring! We all need sufficient levels of hydration to help keep our bodies functioning at optimal conditions. Hydration is necessary for various organs, tissues, and muscles in the body to remain healthy and work in top condition. Thanks to the sparkling water machine. We can make this instant zesty water and add any healthy additive to help us meet our daily hydration and medical needs.


A must-have for sportsmen and women

Many national sports teams and clubs depend on sports-friendly sodas to produce clean, healthy hydration to meet their performance needs. Carbonated water can be blended into healthy and performance-enhancing sports drinks that athletes take for instant nourishment and hydration at the same time. The soda water can be adapted into zero-sugar hydration with amazing tastes. In addition, many proactive sport soda brands also add essential electrolytes.


They help ease up digestion

Now this is a lot of biology to explain in a TV commercial of under 2 minutes. While your favourite soda water may come in various core flavours, it also helps to improve digestion. People who have regular stomach upsets or indigestion may just find the relief that they need from the sparkling water. Thanks to recent research that was carried out. The study revealed that people who took sparkling water within a two-week window noticed an improvement in their gall bladder problems. It also helped to improve other issues like constipation and overall digestion.


They help the heart function

The heart is the main engine of every active human being. Drinking sparkling water is a great way to enhance the functioning of the heart. If your body is hydrated properly, it can pump out about 2,000 gallons of blood to be taken easily all over the veins. Sparkling water helps us drink more water. This means more chemical assistance for the heart to work at maximum condition.


Transforms you into human steel

You can call it seltzer, fizzy water, club soda, carbonated water, or soda water – sparkling water helps make you stronger and more productive. If you feel sluggish or tired, especially at noon or thereabouts, a can of sparkling water can reinvigorate your entire body. Apart from providing instant hydration, this fizzy drink gives you the needed spark to become energized and get back to work. The best part? It will keep you going all day.


Great for mental energy

Sparkling water is known to help cognition and improve mental performance. If you find yourself getting ready for a difficult exam or business presentation, then a glass of sparkling water can rev you up. It keeps you hydrated while improving your mood, memory, and concentration for the entire day. If you have a difficult business presentation or public speaking engagement, just get a can or glass of sparkling water to energize your brain. It gives you the zest to match any level of energy when faced with a difficult task. Even Barack Obama himself had at one time admitted to relying on soda water to keep him sharp and eloquent!


Sparkling water helps with your kitchen recipes

Whether you are looking to spice up your home kitchen recipes or commercial restaurant menus, sparkling water is a reliable ingredient. This type of carbonated water is useful for some kitchen recipes. More chefs and home cooks are relying on water to boost the texture and look of their food and snacks. It helps give foods and snacks the fluffy, juicy, and flavorful consistency that you crave.


Sparkling water to spice up your favourite drink

Sparkling water as carbonated water can help you enjoy your favourite drink more. Do you love wine, tea, beverages, or juice? If you want these drinks to be refreshing or you need the experience to be longer, just add a glass of sparkling water. After this zesty top-up, you will find out that it helps to preserve the lovely taste of the drink. Furthermore, it also helps to dilute your drink which makes for a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience.


Get sparkling water for more satisfaction

Sparkling water tastes great on the tongue, but it works well to control the amount of food that we take in. This is because this unique type of water comes with tiny carbonated water bubbles. These bubbles help to keep the stomach full. This means that you do not have to eat up all the food in the pot to feel full. This way, you can cut off on taking in too many extra calories which can be bad for the weight.


Sparkling water removes stains

Sparkling water is clean water that can be used to keep you hydrated throughout the day. However, what many TV commercials fail to tell you is that it can be used to get rid of the stains and smells in the home. If you find yourself battling with stains in your sheets or clothes, just get sparkling water and any mild soap. This combination will do the trick of making the stain go away faster than it appears.


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