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Best Top 10 Countertop Sparkling Water Dispenser Manufacturer And Companies In USA

Best Top 10 Countertop Sparkling Water Dispenser Manufacturer And Companies In USA

Whether referred to as seltzer, carbonated, or sparkling water, the immense popularity of fizzy, flavored water is undeniable. While some sparkling water occurs naturally, most acquire their bubbles through the introduction of carbon dioxide.

This process, first pioneered by British scientist Joseph Priestley in 1767, gained widespread attention through the efforts of Jacob Schweppe around 1783. Over two centuries later, health-conscious individuals are moving away from sugary soft drinks that once dominated the market.

In response, numerous brands have emerged, offering a vast array of options ranging from unique flavor blends to caffeinated variations, providing a diverse selection for consumers. Let us run through the top 10 sparkling water dispenser companies in USA.

Olansi Water Purifier Water Dispenser Manufacturer
Olansi Water Purifier Water Dispenser Manufacturer


Despite their modern packaging and delicious flavor blends, Polar Beverages boasts a rich history spanning six generations in commercial water production. Established in 1882 by Dennis Crowley, this family-owned business remains rooted in Worcester, Massachusetts. Polar Beverages offers a diverse range of seltzers with over 20 unique flavors and combinations.

Since 2014, the company has introduced five limited-edition flavors in both summer and winter. Their Seltzer Jr. line features imaginative flavors like Dragon Whispers and Mermaid Songs, crafted to appeal to Generation Alpha (born in 2010 and beyond). With no caffeine, sugar, or sodium, Seltzer Jr. serves as a healthier alternative to sugary beverages.



Despite its elegant name suggesting a French origin, LaCroix originates from La Crosse, Wisconsin. Acquired by National Beverage Corporation in 1992, LaCroix offers a wide array of naturally flavored sparkling waters, including classic options like lime and grapefruit as well as unique flavors such as passionfruit and tangerine.

Initially favored in the U.S. Midwest, LaCroix has gained popularity among Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) throughout North America. Currently, LaCroix stands as the second most popular sparkling water brand in the United States, falling just behind Sparkling ICE.



Perrier is a luxurious sparkling mineral water sourced directly from the Vergèze spring in Gard, France. Launched in 1898, Perrier is renowned for its iconic green bottle. Initially available in its natural form, lemon and lime flavors were introduced in 1985, followed by l’orange, strawberry, and watermelon variations.

Acquired by Nestlé Waters in 1992, the brand’s carbonation process now involves removing natural gas and infusing it with carbon dioxide. While this alteration has changed its natural essence, Perrier remains a recognizable and nostalgic choice for many, transitioning into Nestlé Pure Life with bubbles, symbolizing a blend of tradition and modernization.


Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian emerged as a beloved brand with a remarkable redemption story. Positioned as a healthier soft drink alternative in 1987, its sparkling water dominated the market until the early 2000s. Sadly, mismanagement resulted in production cessation in 2009, leaving consumers without their favorite beverage.

Following a successful Indiegogo campaign in 2015, Clearly Canadian made a triumphant return to shelves. This strategic comeback has rekindled consumer love for the brand, affirming its re-established presence in the market.


Trader Joe

Trader Joe’s offers a delightful selection of sparkling waters that are refreshing and flavorful. With an array of unique flavors like Watermelon Cucumber, Cranberry Clementine, and Pineapple Strawberry, Trader Joe’s sparkling water provides a tasty and satisfying alternative to sugary beverages.

These bubbly drinks are perfect for staying hydrated while enjoying a burst of fruity essence. Trader Joe’s commitment to quality and value ensures that their sparkling water options are not only delicious but also affordable, making them a popular choice for those seeking a refreshing and health-conscious beverage option.


Sparkling ICE

Hailing from Preston, Washington, Sparkling ICE is a well-known brand that enriches its water with vitamins and minerals. The inclusion of sucralose, a low-calorie sugar substitute, sets Sparkling ICE apart by providing a sweeter taste than other competitors.

While this adds a slight calorie content, it remains a light option that won’t disrupt your diet. In 2019, Sparkling ICE expanded its range with Sparkling ICE + Caffeine, offering an energy boost without the sugar and calories typically found in energy drinks. The brand currently holds the leading position in the sparkling water market segment.



Debuted in 2017, Waterloo represents one of the fresher options available. Hailing from Austin, Texas, the brand not only delivers exceptional products but also upholds a commitment to environmental responsibility. Operating from zero waste facilities, Waterloo packages its water using 70% recycled materials and prioritizes efficient distribution systems.

Despite being relatively new, Waterloo has limited its flavor innovations to choices like blueberry lemonade and cherry limeade, both of which are standout offerings. This sparkling water is undoubtedly worth sampling for its refreshing taste and eco-friendly practices.



Spindrift, hailing from Newton, Massachusetts, and under the ownership of Bill Creelman, offers a different take on sparkling water. Motivated to move away from sugary soda and provide a healthier option for his family, Creelman crafted Spindrift using natural ingredients, such as real fruit juice.

The brand prioritizes transparency by using a simple ingredient list comprising carbonated water and a dash of freshly squeezed fruit or berry juice, absent of added sugars or substitutes. With growing awareness of the effects of sugar, Spindrift’s fruit-infused water presents a wonderful substitute to traditional sugary beverages, offering a refreshing and health-conscious choice.


Good & Gather

Fresh on the scene, Good and Gather sparkling water joined the market in 2019 among a lineup of over 2000 products. Exclusive to Target, the brand stands out for its diverse flavor combinations, ranging from the refreshing pear-hibiscus and blackberry mandarin with caffeine to the delightful strawberry-mango and cucumber-mint without caffeine.

Good & Gather showcases a refined and adventurous palate, offering a range of sophisticated options. Among its standout flavors is the enticing Caffeinated cherry cola sparkling water, adding a unique and welcome twist to the sparkling water assortment.



PepsiCo’s bubly brand has made a splash in the sparkling water market, offering a range of products from their original non-flavored bubly to the caffeinated bubly bounce line launched in 2021.

Known for their distinctive lowercase styling, bubly boasts a diverse selection of flavors, each featuring its own charming smile on vibrant cans. Embodying the tagline “no calories, no sweeteners, all smiles,” bubly has captured the hearts of consumers looking for a delightful and refreshing beverage option.

Hot And Cold Water Dispenser With Filter Manufacturers China
Hot And Cold Water Dispenser With Filter Manufacturers China


Exploring the best Top 10 Sparkling Water Dispenser Companies in USA reveals a diverse range of innovative and high-quality products. From convenience to sustainability, these companies offer top-tier solutions to elevate the sparkling water experience and meet the hydration needs of consumers across the country.

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