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Having issues with your soda water machine? Expert tips from your local sparkling water maker factory

Having issues with your soda water machine? Expert tips from your local sparkling water maker factory

If you are so passionate about your soda water machine, you may forget that these units have limitations until they develop some issues. For die-hard fizzy water drinkers, this can be like the end of the world. However, not when you have a reliable aftermarket sparkling water maker factory. Many soda water machine brands offer aftermarket customer support and other related services. This way, they ensure that you continue adding those “zhooshes” into your chilled water and beverages.

sparkling water machine manufacturers
sparkling water machine manufacturers

What is a sparkling water machine?

A sparkling water machine is an appliance that produced carbonated water. This simply means bubble water that is obtained as a result of combining purified, chilled water with pressurized carbon dioxide. The resulting water becomes filled with bubbles and gives out a fizzy feel. One benefit of carbonated water is that you can add various flavours and additives to make it taste and feel like your favourite mineral drink. With these machines, you can easily create delicious unique sparkling drinks. Many businesses have benefited from these machines by creating delicious and toothsome recipes.


Problems with a sparkling water machine

If you have ever had a sparkling water maker for a pretty long time, somewhere down the road, you may have encountered some issues with the unit. These issues are very common with these carbonated water makers that other people have had them as well. Many of the common soda water machine problems are also experienced by other people. A typical example of such problems includes simple wear and tear, which can be fixed very easily.



The sparkling water machine factory: How to solve some common issues with your machine

The soda water machine uses a unique mechanism to make carbonated water. This mechanism is common to all types of soda makers regardless of the brand. If you are having some common issues with your machines, then these expert tips from a local sparkling water machine factory will help you get back to enjoying your fizzy drinks again! Some common problems of the machine include:

The sparkling water machine is leaking or overflowing: If your soda maker is overflowing or leaking, this can be very difficult to cope with. Luckily, this is a very common issue with many other brands of this machine. These overflows and leaks are usually due to the process of carbonation in the device. It can be fixed simply. An expert tip, in this case, is to locate this point of leakage or overflow.


CO2 leaks: If you have ever had a soda maker for a considerably long time, you will discover that CO2 leaks are a common problem with these appliances. This CO2 leak usually occurs at the start point of the valve, where you have the connection between the dispenser nozzle and the CO2 canister. In most cases, these CO2 leaks have simple solutions – they are usually repaired by twisting the loose valve back to its previous position. Then again, it is possible to have other leakage problems at the front of the nozzle. Some other leaks can be due to water leaking from the bottle in the machine. In some cases, you have a bottle that is not of the required size as provided in the machine for such bottles. In such cases, it can prevent carbonation which may cause overflow and leaks.


Poor carbonation due to leaks from the air hose: Soda makers can also have some other hidden leakages. The only way to detect this is when you notice that your drinks are poorly carbonated and do not have the right level of carbonation. At this point, you may want to open up the rear part of the machine. If there is a loud hissing noise, then this means that there is a problem with the machine’s air hose. However, once you open up the machine, you may struggle to find this air hose. The air hose is usually hidden as it is inside the CO2 cartridge and acts as a connection between the CO2 nozzle and the machine. This hose helps to supply CO2 to the machine. You can easily replace or reattach this hose. You can find the right replacement from many local home improvement shops and stores.


Machine not able to carbonate water: In some other cases, you may be having serious problems with your carbonated water. This is usually a problem for the soda maker. It usually happens when the CO2 canister is broken or damaged. In other cases, a manufacturer error can cause this type of problem. A manufacturer may incorrectly or poorly assemble the product – which may cause the process of carbonation to be affected. When this happens, this means that the leak may be originating from a wrongly sealed valve that connects the machine to the canister. As a simple issue, you can easily rectify this problem. To fix this problem, go to the rear of the machine and get it open. Press the button for carbonation and try to listen for any hiss originating from the valve. If you are having this problem, you can solve this in three possible ways:

  • Check and adjust the washers
  • The valve of the machine may be the problem
  • Check twice to make sure that you have twisted the valve properly


Nozzle leaks in the machine: The carbonation nozzle is a key component in your soda maker. It is also prone to leakages during the operation of the machine. If this is the case, you shall notice this immediately. This leakage usually happens in front of the machine. This means that it will have a higher, audible hiss – which will tell you that something is wrong with your unit. If you notice the leak when carbonating the water, this can increase the carbonation level and produce water with a very high concentration of CO2. Because of this, you may notice that your CO2 gas cylinder gets depleted more quickly than usual.


Water leaks: Your Sparkling water dispenser can also have water leaks as a problem. When you place the bottle below the carbonation nozzle, there could be cold water leaks. The first solution to this problem is that the bottle may not properly fit the machine. This usually happens if you do not use the right bottles of your sparkling water dispenser. To ensure proper carbonation, you have to use the right bottles intended for your soda water machine.

sparkling water machine manufacturers
sparkling water machine manufacturers

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