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How to buy a good air purifier ?

Nowaday, Portable Air purifiers are growing in popularity, as pollution levels continue to rise around the world. There are a number of important factors you need to pay more attention when buying an air purifier to make sure you get the air quality that you expect and deserve.

When you buying an air purifier you need to aske yourself why you need to buy and what kind of air purifier you need to buy?

Below is some way to know the air purifier whether is good or bad.

First, look at the CADR value: CADR (clean air delivery rate) means “clean air output rate,” which is how much clean air the machine can deliver per unit of time. CADR unit is the amount of clean air, both cubic meters / hour. The CADR value determines the core performance of the air purifier. The higher the CADR value, the faster the purifying efficiency and the larger the applicable area. CADR is the most important indicator of air purifiers, but not the only indicator

Second, look at the CCM value. CCM (cumulate clean mass) means “cumulative purge volume,” as air purifiers consume less consumables as they age, and CCM indicates how much contaminant they can carry up as the consumables’ performance drops to half. The larger the CCM number, the longer the filter media is replaced, which means the longer the filter life, the more pollutants the filter will purify over its lifetime.
A new feature recently introduced is whether the home air purifier is asthma and allergy friendly. Anyone with asthma, COPD or serious allergies will want to know that the device they are buying will make sure that all airborne toxins are removed to cut the risk of them having an allergy or asthma attack. For parents placing one of these in their children’s bedrooms when the child has asthma, can help improve breathing during sleep, reducing the risk of an attack.

Third, look at noise and energy consumption. Air purifier quiet work is very important, many people like to open a good night’s sleep air purifier, if the noise is too large, in fact, the impact is still quite large. The new national standard air purifier noise limit from low to high, will be directly marked in the machine packaging and manual marked position.

Taking into account the composition of pollutants at home and abroad, the concentration is not the same. So you need to know your countrys or citys composition of pollutants.

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