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How to make hydrogen water machine: A dummies guide

Due to the essential health benefits of hydrogen water, many people are now jumping on the bandwagon! There is a growing interest in hydrogen water is known as water that contains dissolved hydrogen. While bottled hydrogen can be very expensive, the only way to ensure that you get a taste of this healthy water is by knowing how to make it. Luckily, there is a machine for this.


Therefore, with the availability of hydrogen water machines in the market, you need not spend your money on buying expensive hydrogenated bottle water. Knowing how to make a hydrogen water machine will help you get a healthy amount of fluid. This review is a complete guide for beginners as to how you can make your hydrogen water machine.


What Is Hydrogen Water?

This is a very healthy form of water that is pure without any smell or taste. It does have extra molecules of hydrogen inserted into it.


Hydrogen water is pure water, with additional hydrogen molecules added to it. Plain water already has some amount of hydrogen, and adding an extra hydrogen molecule to it does not alter or change the structure of the water molecule.


Health benefits of hydrogen water

  1. Heart protection:Hydrogenated water comes with amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help it to prevent heart diseases and damage. It also helps people who drink hydrogen easily recover from heart failures or attacks.
  2. Fight off inflammation:Hydrogen water can help fight off inflammation which is a precursor for many diseases such as dementia and various heart diseases. People with various types of inflammation can depend on hydrogen water to ease up their conditions.
  3. Improvement of glucose/fat metabolism:Studies have revealed that hydrogen water can also help to improve glucose and fat metabolism, especially in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. This refined type of water has been shown to positively affect fatty liver, cholesterol levels, and obesity.

4 Enhance muscle and bone strength: When you drink hydrogen water, this helps you to strengthen your muscles and bones. Hydrogen water is a strong antioxidant that helps to strengthen the muscles and the bones. They also prevent other age-related issues that affect our bones and muscles.


How to make a hydrogen water machine 

If you love to drink hydrogen water, then it is important to know how to make a hydrogen water machine. To make a hydrogen water machine, you need to understand that it involves having to bubble a molecule of hydrogen through the water. When it comes to the machine, hydrogen water can be made in various ways. This involves the various ways of making the machine. When it comes to machines for making hydrogen water, there are several types. These are:

Electric Water Ionizers

Electric water ionizers are one of the best ways to know how to make hydrogen water machine. One of these machines is the electric water ionizer which is a great way of making hydrogen water. This machine is also great whereby you can create molecular hydrogen. The electric water ionizer makes it a great way for you to get on-demand hydrogen water at all times. Additionally, you can also rely on electric water ionizers to produce acidic or alkaline water due to the adjustable controls. In the process of ionization, additional fluoride ions as well as various other chemicals like phosphates, cyanides, and nitrates become depleted as they approach the acidic water. Electric water ionizers have been approved by health experts as an approved and the safest way of creating hydrogen molecules.


Non-electric hydrogen water machine

While the electric ionizers were a reliable machine for producing hydrogen, there was a newer method that did not use electricity. This new method uses a non-electric process to produce dissolved H2. These non-electric machines are made in such a way that they produce dissolved hydrogen when immersed in water of neutral pH. This is a reliable machine that is highly beneficial in the production of high-quality hydrogen water. Then again, the best way for making hydrogen water is to make flow-through machines such as water ionizers.


Hydrogen Generators

The hydrogen generator is also another important hydrogen water machine. They use a scientific method known as electrolysis to generate hydrogen water. Electrolysis is one of the best ways that you can easily create hydrogen gas with a very high purity whenever it is needed. This process utilizes electricity to split up water molecules to produce oxygen and hydrogen. For this process to proceed, it has to take place in an electrolyzer cell – which is made up of two electrodes. The two electrodes the cathode and the anode are separated by the electrolyte. Hydrogen generators are simple hydrogen water machines that can help produce pure hydrogen water. You can easily produce hydrogen water with a purity of about 99.9995%. This is highly possible whenever the electrodes are platinum catalysts. Hydrogen water is produced by a chemical reaction which is triggered by passing a constant voltage through the electrodes placed in an electrolyzer cell.


Magnesium Sticks

Another way of knowing how to make hydrogen water machines is through magnesium sticks. Magnesium sticks involve the process of producing molecular hydrogen using metallic magnesium. The metallic magnesium is meant to react with water. Magnesium sticks have been around for decades and they are a good way to produce hydrogen water. To make it produce hydrogen, just drop the sticks into a container of water. After dropping the sticks in the water, you can cover them up. This is usually done using a bottle that contains water. You can go ahead and place the magnesium stick right inside the water. As soon as the water reacts with the magnesium stick, it produces a molecule of hydrogen. If you do all you have to do, you will need to wait for a while. This waiting time allows the hydrogen to react with the water to produce the hydrogen water. When you produce hydrogen water this way, the water is usually left unfiltered. This is why numerous manufacturers have recommended the sticks only be used in bottled water.


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