Is hydrogen-rich water equal to alkaline ionized water?

We all know that the human body is composed of 60%~70% of water, and our environmental pollution is serious today. Water pollution problems are obvious to all. For people’s drinking water health, Get a rich hydrogen water cup.
In people’s eyes, hydrogen-rich water is no different from alkaline ionized water. However, according to data from the Australian study, hydrogen-rich water refers to a large amount of active hydrogen with reducing function, which enters our body. After that, it can be used for chronic diseases, and the basic kang oxidation effect is beneficial to the recovery of the human body. Alkaline ionized water alone contains ionic alkaline water, which is not as rich as hydrogen-rich water.

In hydrogen-rich water, it is also alkaline. The research base of the Olansi hydrogen-rich water cup manufacturer neutralized the hydrogen-rich water in the experiment and did various experiments. After the experiment, it was found that although the hydrogen-rich water was neutralized, its reducing ability was not reduced. We all know that free radicals have a great impact on our human health. After the experiment, we can get hydrogen-rich. The water contains the ability to remove excess free radicals from the body. Alkaline water is only alkaline, but has no reducing power.

Therefore, if there is no reduction function, it is the difference between hydrogen-rich water and alkaline ionized water. In the case of the worsening drinking water quality in the future, Olansi has in-depth research on the concept of traditional alkaline ionized water, focusing on improving the reducing power. The working principle of electrolysis has developed a new generation of hydrogen-rich water cups rich in active hydrogen in water.

Many people mistakenly believe that alkaline ionized water is hydrogen-rich water. The above content hopes to help everyone understand the answer from misunderstanding.

The advantages of OLANSI hydrogen water bottle.
1. Manufacture of hydrogen-rich water: hydrogen content of more than 1000ppb
2. Manufacturing negative potential: negative potential up to -200 – 0mv
3. Manufacture of small molecule water: small molecule group 55.39hz
4. Cup material is: food-grade PC material
5. The cup body is anti-aging, anti-hydrolysis, high-temperature resistance, drop resistance, easy to clean
6. The product does not contain a plasticizer, no pollution, safe and hygienic.
7. Titanium platinum electroplating electrode, high-efficiency electrolysis, long life.
8. DuPont wet film, separation of hydrogen and oxygen, isolation of electrolytic waste.
9. The bottom vents, which discharge ozone.
10. The cup uses a lithium battery and has long battery life.
11.EVA anti-slip rubber pad.

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