Know more about countertop reverse osmosis water dispenser and home water dispenser

Reverse osmosis is a water filtration technology that has taken the world by storm. We all want safer and cleaner water in our homes and businesses. To get things right, you need to find a suitable water filtration system to get you going.

Countertop Reverse osmosis water purifier is one of the available options in the market today. These systems provide superior filtration compared to regular water filters. They are capable of removing 99 percent of contaminants found in water, which is impressive.


Compared to the under-sink systems, they do not have many filtration stages. However, the countertop systems do not need plumbing or installation. You do not need to drill through the sink or countertop to accommodate a dispenser. There is also no need for a drain line.

These systems are stand-alone and they can be hooked to normal faucets in a short time. This is what makes the Reverse osmosis water filter countertop a good option for renters or apartments without changing plumbing or for people who do not want to mess up plumbing connections.

These filtration systems also happen to be compact, and they are a good option for those living in smaller homes, travelers, and students who move from time to time and need portable filtration.

Things to consider before purchase

There are some things that ought to be considered when you are buying a countertop Reverse osmosis water filter. The information can help you land a high-quality product. They include:

Faucet connection

Countertop water filters are usually a fit for standard faucets found in the kitchen. There are yet some created to fit garden hoses and taps as well. Before making a purchase, you need to consider whether the filtration system is compatible with your faucet. You should double-check and ensure that it allows standard hose connection. In case it does not, you may require an adapter. Most filtration system manufactures include different adapters for you to try out.


When picking an ideal Reverse osmosis water dispenser, you need to look at the certifications they hold. There are various bodies that can guarantee the quality of the systems you are about to buy. Certifications are a way of guaranteeing that a certain model or system is indeed capable of reducing or removing a good number of contaminants that may be harmful to health. Some standards set are for structural integrity and material safety.

Water pressure

RO filters that do not have a pressure pump built in rely on home pipe water pressure to force water through the filters. In this way, you do not need extra power to get it working. The water pressure in your home can determine to a great extent, how well the system works. Low pressure means a slow flow rate and it also means more water wastage.

Countertop RO systems from Olansi

Olansi is one of the best manufacturers we have today. With a research and development team, the company can create some of the most outstanding systems in the market. There is also product testing and quality control which guarantees that the products are of the best quality even before they hit the market.

The company has all the necessary licenses and certifications and offers warranties to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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