The importance of a sparkling water dispenser supplier

The role of a sparkling water dispenser supplier is key to ensuring that people get to enjoy carbonated water. Before you end up with that cold fizzy drink in your cup, you need to know that there is a full distribution process involved in helping you get that soda water machine. Thanks to the supplier, people can easily get clean, healthy, and fizzy hydration at all times. It is the job of these suppliers to ensure that the market is saturated with all types of soda makers – this way, passionate soda drinkers can easily choose what works for them.


The sparkling water market

Sparkling water has been around for many years, however, the popularity of this fizzy water has increased in recent times. Sales figures reveal that in 2016, over $6 billion worth of carbonated water was sold. The was a noticeable improvement from the sales of 2011, which was $2.6 billion. Manufacturers create this amazing fizzy drink by infusing CO2 gas into water. This new form of water gives off a fizzy feel and you see the charged-up bubbles erupting in your water. This new soda can be used to quench your thirst at any time of the day. Carbonated water is so popular that it is sold under various brand names such as:

ㆍ Seltzer water

ㆍ Fizzy water

ㆍ Club soda

ㆍ Soda water

ㆍ Sparkling water


Benefits of the sparkling water

Sparkling water when compared to ordinary water comes with a wide range of benefits. Due to the special quality that this fizzy drink has, it is usually preferred over ordinary water. Some of the benefits of sparkling water include:

ㆍ Sparkling water is preferred to mineral soda because it has the same carbonation but without added sugar or calories.

ㆍ The bubble water can be used to improve digestion as it helps you to swallow food morsels more properly.

ㆍ It helps in weight reduction.

ㆍ It does not contain phosphorus, unlike mineral soda.

ㆍ It has the potential to improve the health of the heart.


The supply chain of the soda water machine

There is a wide range of logistics involved for manufacturers to get their sparkling water dispensers to the market. Is the job of the sparkling water dispenser supplier to ensure that people can access the most trusted and healthiest products in the market. The process of getting the products to the market involves a convoluted network of people, technology, and processes. This network usually involves the manufacturers who produce and distribute the sparkling water dispenser to ensure that the final buyers get them. This supply chain usually involves an interplay of various resources, information, people, entities, and activities.


The supply chain for sparkling water

The soda water supply chain is made up of a group of companies and individuals that play a part in producing the machine and making sure that it gets to the market. The links of this chain start when the soda water machine manufacturer sources raw materials to make the product. The chain then ends as soon as the product is finally supplied to the buyer.  Supply chain management is crucial in the soda water industry because it ensures that the products get to the market on time while reducing costs. Sparkling water dispenser suppliers are always looking to improve their product supply chains to remain competitive and reduce costs.


Sparkling water dispenser supplier: A distribution process that involves various activities

The soda water machine supply chain involves various important steps where the sparkling water machine dispenser plays a very crucial role. These involve a wide range of activities such as:

Balancing supply and demand: It is the job of the supplier to ensure that they plan both the inventory and manufacturing phases adequately. This way, they can balance the demand and supply of soda water makers.


Product manufacture: Suppliers of soda water machines are usually tasked with sourcing product materials and manufacturing the product. It is their job to ensure that they can source quality raw materials that will be able to form an ergonomic, sleek, durable, and functional product. Since a typical sparkling water-making unit is made up of multiple dissimilar components, the raw materials and items can be numerous. The supplier usually sources or produces the materials that they need to manufacture the sparkling water dispenser.


Product testing: The supplier uses a wide range of tests and inspections to ensure that all sparkling water dispensers can function and be durable throughout their expected life spans.


Product assembly: It is the job of the supplier to assemble the product after all tests have been conducted. The products are assembled after they are validated and verified as ready-to-market.


Packaging and shipping: The supplier then packages each product after testing them successfully. While all the components of the soda water machine can be tested, not all soda water makers in a batch will be tested. This means in a product of 1,000 soda water makers, about 50 to 100 will be tested. This is why there are usually cases of defects and faulty parts. This usually happens with batch products that were not specifically tested. After product packaging, the soda makers are shipped to the market.


Product shipping: In this phase, the supplier transports the final product – the soda water dispenser to the consumer, the retailer, or the distributor according to their supply chain network.


Aftermarket services: Once the sparkling water dispensers get to the customer, it is the job of the customer service department to handle all types of complaints that are made about their products.


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