The top 10 water purifier Companies in India: How to identify quality water purifiers

There are so many dangers of drinking polluted and contaminated water. To avoid the ugly consequences of consuming polluted water, it is important for homes and offices to always have water purifiers around. With so many water purifiers in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right option. Not even the top 10 water purifier companies in India can help you make a good choice. This is why customers need to know how to choose the right options. Choosing a water purifier has a lot to do with the quality of water in your location. If you are planning to buy the best type of water purifier, this buyer’s guide will help you make a great decision.

Knowing the available types of purifiers

You can easily tell if a water purifier is a quality or not when you have adequate knowledge of what is available in the market. You can find various commercially available water purification systems. Depending on your budget and the quality of water from your location, you can choose between UF, UV, and RO water purifiers. They are:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers: They are recommended for removing toxic elements such as heavy metals, Arsenic, Fluoride, and so on from water. RO also removes various other minerals from water to increase its purity.

UF water purifiers: These types of water purifiers are suitable for water with a little amount of impurity. They are not operated by electricity and are very affordable. Also called Gravity-based purifiers, they purify water by getting rid of chlorine, dust, and bacteria.

UV water purifiers: UV water purifiers make use of a powerful UV light source to purify water. It is a disinfection device as it helps to eject all the contaminants that are present in the water. These purifiers are suitable for both municipal and tap water. But they are not able to get rid of dissolved impurities that are contained in the water.

Certifications from the manufacturer

Apart from all the obvious elements of quality in a water purifier, one other way to know that you are buying a standard product is through the manufacturer’s certifications. Certified manufacturers demonstrate that standard and approved methods were followed or complied with during the production process. This means that you are buying your products from a trustworthy and authentic brand.


A reputable brand

Apart from certifications, your water purifier should be from a very reputable brand. This means that you can guarantee the health and well-being of the users. One great way to ensure that you are buying a great quality water purifier is to research the brand. You can do this by reading various reviews online about the brand before you go ahead to buy the product. This will help you know if the brand has excellent customer service support – which is a great element to help you decide whether or not to use the product for a long time.

Additional functionality – Hot or cold water dispenser

A quality water purifier can come with additional functionality. One of these additional features is their ability to feature a hot or cold water tap. This way, you can easily enjoy on-demand hot or cold water without any problems.

5-stage purity process

One best ways to certify the quality of your water purifier is the availability of the 5-stage purity process. Before the machine purifies your waster, it has to undergo all 5 stages of purification. This is one way to understand an efficient and effective purification process. The 5 staged-purity process ensures that the water is taken through a complete process for total purification.

Stainless steel water purification chamber

it is important to get a water purifier that comes with a stainless steel water purification chamber due to the importance of this material. Stainless steel is lightweight and durable. Also, it will not react with the water to affect its purity.

Filtration technology

A quality water purifier should come with superior filtration technology. Whether you have hard or soft water in your home location, using a great filtration technology means that it will work to purify the water. Filtration technology helps to provide a wide range of functions for your water. They kill all biological microorganisms which also gets rid of suspended particles that are present in the water. Quality water purifiers do not feature amazing filtration technologies, they also come with high filtration rates. The filtration rate is another parameter that helps you to choose the right option. This is an important factor that helps you know the amount of water that the filter can purify daily.


Easy maintenance

A great water purifier should be easy to maintain. These products usually feature cartridges that should be replaced at regular intervals. Depending on the brand of water purifier that you purchase, you will find out that some products are easy to maintain. This means that their cartridges last longer in comparison to others. Maintenance is a quality factor to consider because it helps you to save time and cost, and has increased environmental efficiency. Some filters need constant monitoring which may not be convenient for the owner.

Satisfactory service from the manufacturer

When buying your water purifiers, you want to make sure that the manufacturer is a reliable and leading brand in the industry. This way, you are sure of getting satisfactory services and ongoing assistance throughout the usage period of the product. Apart from opting for high-quality water purifiers, you want to ensure that you get the best services from the dealers.

After-sales and maintenance services

To choose a water purifier in the market, you want to be certain that they provide certain long-term support and services to their clients. When using an advanced and innovative product such as a water purifier, you need to ensure that the manufacturers provide long-term service and support to all users. Also, when buying the product, you should have all the information you need as regards after-sales and maintenance services. If your water purifier, needs to be serviced or maintained more frequently than usual, this may not be the product that you want. Additionally, you need to check the after-sales procedures of the brand – as poor after-sales services can affect the quality of the water purifier.


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