Things to consider when buying sparkling water dispensers for workplaces

People have always loved drinking sparkling water while on the go. At schools, during sports, and even in offices – people always appreciate a cold glass of soda water with their favourite flavours. In offices, the presence of a sparkling water machine can be a major boost to employee productivity. This innovative unit produces that satisfying fizzy water that can help boost employee productivity. In addition, many employees with special nutritional requirements can add fizzy drinks to their supplements or diet. Sparkling water dispensers for workplaces help businesses improve their returns on investment (ROI).


Sparkling water dispensers for workplaces: Things to consider

If you have decided to purchase a sparkling water dispenser for your place of work, you will need to make the right decision. You want a unit that is efficient and contributes to employee productivity. Here are the key points to consider:


Easy to use: You want a sparkling water machine that instantly produces carbonated water for your employees. What you want to avoid is each staff spending a significant amount of time trying to get a fizzy drink. You don’t want to lose considerable employee man-hours due to a cumbersome soda water maker. Therefore, it is important to always go for a user-friendly option.


Manual or automatic machine: This key consideration is important if the people in the office like lots of bubbles in their water. If you are in the market for a soda maker, you will be forced to choose between the manual or the automatic machine. Each option gives you different ways for you to fully carbonate your water. With an automatic sparkling water machine, you have the option to choose between three different carbonation levels. This way, you can easily choose how much carbonation you want in your drink. This means being able to carbonate water due to your preference.


Carbonation intensity: The higher the level of carbonation in your drink, the more enjoyable it tastes. You may want to ensure that the sparkling water maker that you buy for the office can produce higher levels of carbonation. In addition, this should be accomplished with a few button presses rather than a cumbersome or tiresome process.


Preservation of carbonation: It is one thing for your office sparkling water dispenser to be able to easily carbonate your water, it is another thing for it to perfectly preserve its carbonation levels for a required period. Your workplace soda water maker should be able to preserve its carbonation level for nothing less than 24 hours. This is enough time for the office staff to enjoy their favourite flavours even though they spend only 8 – 9 hours every day in the workplace.


What brand to buy: There are now many brands of sparkling water dispensers. This means that you can easily find various options in any store at different price points. But, there are several leading brands out there when it comes to suitable office sparkling water makers, affordability, and quality.


Carbonation indicator: One of the challenges of using some sparkling water makers is that they tend to make a mess in the office or the kitchen. This is because of a lack of an indicating device to tell when the water is fully carbonized. Rather, a distinct indicator would be able to tell when the water has been fully carbonated. This means that you will want to check for a sparkling water dispenser that comes with a distinct indicator.


Easy bottle removal: Your office sparkling water machine is going to be used more regularly compared to home units. Therefore, you may want to consider buying a product that comes with easy bottle removal. The bottle is the collection jar that sits beneath the soda water sprout. This bottle is usually used to serve sparkling water.


Size matters: While there seem to be so many countertop sparkling water dispensers, you may want to consider what size you need. This is due to your office’s requirements. Depending on the number of employees in the office, you may want to buy specific units. But, if space is a challenge in your workplace, you may want to choose a more portable soda maker with a smaller footprint. This is because some products can be significantly big especially when the insertion mechanism is opened.


Carbonate various liquids: Your workplace sparkling water dispenser should be able to carbonate various other liquids. This is because people at the office may have different tastes and needs as to their favourite fizzy drinks. Therefore, you want to make sure that the soda maker that you buy can cater to a wide range of flavours.


Carbonating cylinder: The sparkling water dispenser comes with a carbonating cylinder. This is a key component of the unit. This is the source of the carbon dioxide gas. This part of the machine is replaceable and depletes the as you use the machine. Typically, you want to avoid frequent unnecessary replacements in the workplace. This is why you should go for a unit that comes with a larger carbonating cylinder. In normal conditions, the carbonating cylinder is between 4 and 8 weeks. However, you can get something more durable for your workplace as there are larger options.


Source of CO2 gas: In the marketplace, you can get different sparkling water dispensers that use different carbonation devices. Most sparkling water makers will carbonate your liquids by getting CO2 supplies from canisters, cylinders, or cartridges. However, other options get their CO2 supplied from tablets or sachets. Before buying a machine for the workplace, you may want to read the instructions from the manufacturers. This way, you will know how the unit carbonates liquid. In addition, it is recommended not to substitute CO2 for other types of gases. This is because this can create dangerous and unpleasant results.


Easy maintenance: Your workplace sparkling water dispensers should be easy to maintain. This is because of the nature of the environment, you want to clean it up and get back to using the unit to avoid holding up the staff from getting back to their desks. While some sparkling water machine units can be cumbersome to clean, other options can be cleaned easily.


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