Hydrogen-rich cooling
heating and drinking in one step

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification and Dispensing Machine
W20 Standard Edition


Core selling point

※ Post-modern, light luxury and high-end atmospheric appearance

※ Making hydrogen-rich water with bubbles by using SPE Electrolysis technology

※ Reverse osmosis purification technology from space science and technology

※ The third generation of 3-second instant heating with rare earth technology, water temperature changed in different stages.

※ Semiconductor cooling technology, low to 10 degrees which endows the water with good taste

※ Built-in LED UVC sterilization, visual indication

※ 200G high flux membrane + built-in large water tank, fastly and continuously supplying for many people.

※ True purified and waste separation tank, realizing circulation without waste

※ Intelligent reminder, intelligent IOT, intelligent life enjoyment


One machine with several functions Upgrading new ways to drink water

Setting the filtration, heating and cooling, hydrogen-rich water as one.
This machine fuses the filter of water purifier, heating and cooling of water dispenser and hydrogen production of hydrogen-rich water purifier.
The body is small, powerful, does not need to install, and can move as you like.


Advantages: Heating when turn on immediately; Multi-stage temperature control; The high quality of water; Hydrogen-rich water with bubbles.
Comparison: No high cost of core-changing; No stale taste of water; No waiting time for the boiled water; No waiting time for water cooling; No long time of hydrogen production; No bubble free.


It is so big as to meet more people’s continuous use
Big raw water tank, high flux RO membrane, large built-in pure water tank

6L raw water tank, 2.5L waste water tank
6L raw water tank, 2.5L waste water tank

200G high flux RO membrane
Water production capacity: 520ml/ min, water supplying is greater than water output , sustainable and continuous water supplying

2.5L built-in pure water tank
Advanced water caching, no waiting for getting the water


The water quality is safer

UVC sterilization
Built-in UVC lamp with visual indication has bactericidal and bacteriostatic functions, and ensures water quality safety (can solve the industry problem of COD exceeding the standard)

The cover on built-in water tank can be opened for cleaning
Removable water tank, long-term use will lead to a small amount of sediment inside the tank, and the cover of this machine can be removed for water tank cleaning


The water is healthier and more palatable

Hydrogen-rich water with bubbles
SPE electrolysis technology, can rapidly electrolysis water into hydrogen-rich water so that water evenly encapsulates hydrogen molecules, and hydrogen and water form a stable combination, resulting in high concentration of hydrogen-rich water with bubbles.

Ice water-making
Semiconductor cooling technology, low to 10 degrees which endows the water with good taste.


Three advantages

3-second fast heating
Thick film technology, boiling water will only need 3 seconds, and water presents much higher quality after thousand boiling water is avoided.

4-layer purification
3-grade filter element, 4-layer purification: Aerospace reverse osmosis filtration technology, strontium-rich mineralized filter element, carbon
composite filter element.

6-stage temperature control
Making normal temperature water, milk, honey water, brewing coffee, green tea, and boiling water.


3-grade filter element + 4-layer filtration
Filtration of heavy metals, retention of beneficial minerals

① PAC composite filter element
Filtration of sediment, rust, colloid and other large particulate pollutants, adsorption of small impurities such as colors, odors, residual chlorine and other bacteria, micro-organisms and scale.

② RO membrane
Filtration of sediment, rust, colloid and other large particulate pollutants, adsorption of colors, odors, residual chlorine, and so on.

③ Natural trace mineralized carbon rod filter element
Further adsorption of colors and odors, increasing strontium and other minerals, can enhance the taste of water quality, making water sweet and delicious.

※This machine adopts jettison-type quick-connect filter, which can be installed by itself.


Level 1: PAC composite filter element

Filter material: Polypropylene folding fiber PP cotton + carbon rod
① Intercepting large particles of sediment, rust suspended solids and other impurities in water.
② Removal of residual chlorine, odor, colors, etc.
6-12 months: Recommended replacement cycle

A: Sand, rust
B: Peculiar smell
C: Residual chlorine


Level 2: RO membrane (200G high flux)

Using high-tech space RO technology theoretically assists in purifying the impurity down to 0.0001 microns, and filtering out the bacteria, chemical pesticide residues, radioactive particles, residual chlorine, microorganisms, organic substances and other harmful substances.
12-24 months: Recommended replacement cycle

A: Heterochromatic
B: Minerals
C: Bacteriostatic


Level 3: Rear carbon rod filter

Characteristics of water quality:
· Further removal of color and odor in water
· Improve the taste of water
6-12 months: Recommended replacement cycle

A: Heterochromatic
B: Taste


SPE Electrolysis Technology 4.0

Preparation of bubble hydrogen rich water by hydrogen and oxygen separation with membrane electrode

Membrane electrode hydrogen oxygen separation technology electrolyzes water into water rich in hydrogen atoms, makes water evenly wrap hydrogen molecules, and promotes the stable combination of hydrogen and water. It has the characteristics of high hydrogen concentration and good stability.

When powered on, the built-in light allows you to see the bubbles generated by electrolytic hydrogen rich water at a glance, and also allows people to enjoy the visual lighting feast.

The drinking water purifier is powered on, the blue light of the front perspective window of the equipment is always on, and it is in the state of waiting for hydrogen production. When there is water in the hydrogen rich water tank, hydrogen production will be started automatically. The default hydrogen production time is 15 minutes. In the follow-up, as long as water is taken, the hydrogen production function will be started automatically.


3-second instant heating
Refuse to wait long, not run for water

tFresh and pure drops can be achieved when the water is filtered first and then boiled.
· Explosion-proof refined steel core
· Heat quickly penetrates every water molecule.
· The third generation rare earth 3-seconds heat technology, realizes 3 seconds heat.
· In comparison with traditional heating, water quality is fresher and repeated heating can be avoided.
· Thick film technology contrasts with quartz tube technology. The disadvantages of poor stability and high bad rate are improved.


6-stage adjustable temperature control
For each stage of temperature control, the different needs of tea can be easily met

Quantitative effluent
· 300ml for a large glass of water
· 1000ml to prevent you from forgetting to turn off the water


Touch control panel
High-definition display, simple interactive design Operation is easy

①“Filter Reset” button
② Status display area
③“Intelligent Washing”button
④“Child Lock” key
⑤“Normal Temperature”, “Milk”, “Ice Water”button
⑥“Coffee”, “Tea”, “Boiling” button
⑦ Quantitative supplying


Product view

Product parameters :Reverse Osmosis Purification and Dispensing Machine
Rated water yield: 2000L
Water discharge: 30L/h
Rated voltage/ frequency: 220V~/50Hz
Power consumption: 0.1kw·h/24h
Raw water tank capacity: 6L
Waste water tank capacity: 2.5L
Applicable temperature: 5-38℃
Applicable power supply: Municipal tap water
Net weight: 11kg
Product model: W20 Standard Edition
First-grade filter element: PAC composite filter element
Secondary-grade filter element: 200G reverse osmosis membrane filter element
Third-grade filter element: Natural trace mineralized carbon rod filter element
Rated power: 2200W
Boiling water production: 18L/H(≥90℃)
Working pressure: 0.4~0.6MPa
Shell material: ABS
Product size: 360X240X446.5mm